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1806 1/2 C Large 6, Stems MS63RB B-4, C-4, R.1. Immediately distinguishable by a large, repunched 6 with the peak affixed to the base of Liberty's bust. Much faded mint-red color remains all over the coin. Most Uncirculated representatives of this v...

S-254, B-13, R.1, PQ. Breen Die State IV. Sheldon-254 is readily identified by the heavy die crack through the bust tip. This is a lustrous light chocolate-brown Draped Bust cent that has glimpses of faded Mint pumpkin-gold within the reverse legends...

1814 1C Crosslet 4 MS63BN S-294, B-1, R.1. Only two die marriages are known for 1814 Cents, and each receives a separate Guide Book listing due to a different logotype on the 4. Traces of faded red color surround the legends and stars, while the fiel...

1853 MS65RD. So firey red the coin almost looks like it was minted yesterday, with virtually no marks and only a slight partial fingerprint to justify this grade, as opposed to a higher one.

1882 5C MS66. Blazing luster is the hallmark of this exceptional, untoned Premium Gem. Spindly die cracks are noticeable on the obverse, as usual. A planchet flaw is observed on the upper obverse border, between D and W. Surface blemishes are nearly ...

Blazing luster and light golden toning grace this unblemished Premium Gem. Well struck save for the usual blending on the left ear of corn.
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