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1815 25C VF25 PCGS # 5321

1819 25C Large 9 F12 PCGS # 38957

B-2, Rare Coins of New Hampshire, June 2008, Designed by John Reich, Very nice example. ***McCulloch vs Maryland, The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the Bank of the United States is constitutional.*** The United States House of Representatives agrees ...

1820 25C Large 0 VF20 PCGS # 5329

B-1, JJ Teaparty, Nice colors, Designed by John Reich.***John Wright Oakes, landscape painter, is born.*** Joseph Smith, Jr. (Founder of the LDS Church.) receives his First Vision in the spring in Palmyra, New York*** After the sinking of the Essex (...

1822 25C VF25 PCGS # 5332

1824/2 25C VG8 PCGS # 5335

B-1, Ebay, Nice original example, Designed by John Reich.*** Trapper Jim Bridger discovers the Great Salt Lake*** Lafayette visits the United States.*** None of the four candidates for U.S. President gain a majority of the electoral votes, so the ele...

1825/4/(2) 25C XF45 PCGS # 38975

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