1888 1C PR65BN PCGS # 2351

EERC (PS), Straight up blue cameo. Nice color in the fields that the photo can't show without glare. Very attractive examle.

1895 1C PR64RB PCGS # 2373

EERC (PS), Ex. NGC PR65BN CAMEO - Like having two coins in one here. My nine-year-old son commented once that "The obverse is just exploding with color, and the reverse is like solid gold!" And Bruce Braga's comment (a toned coin specialist) was that...

1905 1C PR66+ RB PCGS # 2403

Whoa! An RB Cameo! Thanks Brian!

1909 VDB 1C MS66BN PCGS # 2423

Pop 6/0 (When I bought it) Intense Luster! Pop on this doesn't matter at all. This is a 1/0 all the way, simply the most attractive MS VDB, no... MS Lincoln in existence. This coin looks completely at home among world-class rarities, MPLs, or all by ...

1909 1C Lincoln PR65RB PCGS # 3304

Ex. BWRC, Stefano. BWRC Plate Coin. Drop Dead GORGEOUS! Sometimes you just have to wonder. This is simply the most attractive 1909 cent that I have ever owned, counting two 66RBs and a currently owned 66RD, which is also quite amazing. So, what were ...

1909 1C Lincoln PR66RD PCGS # 3305

Ex. Watkins. Mr. Lincoln is on fire! Obviously a very special coin. The red on this coin pops like it was struck yesterday. And the luster, the surfaces, the detail, originality, it's all there. There is a slight rose tint to the bust, surrounded by...
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