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B-3,BB-11, 2 Leaves. Head of 1794. PCGS EF40 (CAC). Rare date-R5! To me this coin was hard to find in the non plug condition especially high grade. This is CC and is unusual late die state with reverse crack at 5 o'clock. Only one that I have seen al...

B-3,BB-11 Silver Plug, 2 Leaves. Rare in plug, R6-7? R5, unplugged. PCGS AU55(CAC). This is ex. Garrett and Cardinal and is the finest BB-11 specimen Plugged or unplugged! This coin is uncirculated and at least MS63 or higher. Original beautiful toni...

B-11, BB-12 2 Leaves. This is a Rare R7. PCGS EF40 (CAC). The story about this coin is an amazing set of coincidences. I found this coin in a foreign auction by taking the catalogue after Ira Goldberg had thrown it away. I took the catalogue home and...

B-9,BB-13 2 Leaves. Cert.#16294761 is an AU55 (CAC)PCGS #39980 (No Silver Plug). Cert.#16294760 is an AU 53 PCGS#39991 B-9,BB-13 with Silver Plug. Both in CC(Cond. censis) statis. Both beautifully toned. Note the nonplugged coin shows an obverse die ...

B-20, BB-16 2 Leaves. This R8 is the finest known BB-16 and the only one gradeable. The other two are damaged. The obverse is seen on the BB-18 and BB-17 and the reverse die is used on the BB-15. #1 CC of only 3 known specimens.
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