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This is the atypical Bay Bridge that is attractively toned with a "taste" of multiple and subtle rainbow shades. It is a rainbow and looking at it is my pot of gold.

Attractive gold rim toning on both sides. Sharper strike than one normally sees on this issue.

Think of a peach melba colored B.T.W. with one of the strongest strikes on what is considered as a "weak strike issue," and you have this beauty.

Attractive rim toning on both the obverse and reverse that hits every color of the rainbow. Unlike many Cincinnati's, this does not have the "faded silver" appearance that so many have, not from dipping but the conditions under which they were struck...

The boldest rim toning, on both sides, that I have ever seen on this issue or many commems ever, for that matter. Pick your color because they are all available on this coin.
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