1797 1/2 cent, VF20BN, C-2 Centered Head, pop. 2/2.

AU50BN, pop. 25/191, 3/8/2013.

S-167, B-33,R.1. breen Die State V-VI. A late die state with the break within the 8 in the date, a bold diagonal crack across the portrait, and a cud over the first T in STATES. This tan-brown cent has glossy surfaces aside from two granular areas...

Breen Die State VI. The upper half of ERTY is weakened by die sinking. This deep steel-grey and walnut-brown cent is only mildly granular and lacks any remotely noticable abrasions.

VF20BN, pop. 1/1, S-221, B-5, R.2. The sole 1801 variety with a corrected fraction, and thus the recipient of it's own Guide Book listing, though 5 other die varieties for the date express the fraction as 1/000. This medium brown cent is moderately...

MS64BN, pop.19/5, 3/7/2013. N-3, R-3. A difficult variety to attribute as there are no visible diagnostics. This lovely specimen has greenish-brown surface with iridescent overtones.
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