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Fortin 103. This coin is notable for extreme die rust on the obverse portrait. This must have been an early die state coin as the date and rock base are unusually heavily punched. Most are notable for date weakness from die lapping. The reverse is ro...

With a mintage of only 720,000, the 94-o becomes a rarity in the Barber dime series. Even so, it is not nearly as difficult to locate as many in the Seated series.

O over horizontal O. There are currently no known survivors of this variety graded any higher than this. This coin is highly lustrous in hand and has vivid citrus and lavender toning.

1838-O 10C No Stars MS63 PCGS # 4564

The New Orleans mint opened three years after Andrew Jackson signed legislation creating new branch mints at Charlotte, Dahlonega and New Orleans. On April 9, 1838, the Philadelphia Mint shipped two pairs of dime dies to the newly opened branch mint,...

1839-O 10C No Drapery XF45 PCGS # 4572

Fortin 106a. The "Shattered Cobweb" reverse. While this coin has seen moderate circulation, the extensive circular reverse die cracks are still noticable on this rare and highly sought after variety. Unfortnuately my scans do not pick this up well, a...

1840-O 10C No Drapery VF35 PCGS # 4574

Fortin 109a: small o, repunched 9th star, die crack thru Un(I)ted and Ame(r)ica.
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