Coins Certified as of 7/23

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The Fairfield specimen. Bold and beautiful! Frosted devices are set against semi prooflike and slightly striated fields. A hint of golden toning and a sharp strike complete the picture.

The Share specimen. So high end that it reportedly comprises half the pop report for the grade. Very flashy and beautiful.

The Sterling specimen. Lovely iridescent toning over near perfect surfaces. Surely the finest of the few graded.

The Starr specimen - the finest known. Purchased long ago as a proof, only the quad shield lines belay that origin. Stunningly prooflike, it is graced with blue and deep grey toning over near perfect surfaces.

The Norweb specimen - the finest known. Lovely lilac and electric blue toning compliments the abundant luster.

The Rudolf specimen. Lovely and original, the surfaces are near perfect. Light golden toning completes the picture.
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