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Eliasberg Pedigree. Lilac and grey toning over lustrous and clean surfaces. Extremely rare in true gem condition.

An amazing coin. The dies clashed and were repolished prior to striking this glittering gem. Fully cameod and possessing lovely periphrial toning.

Satiny, original multicolored toning over perfect surfaces. Has the eye appeal of an even higher grade.

White and flashy, with a hint of periphrial toning. Full cartwheel luster. Very well struck, the clean surfaces have just a few tiny planchet flakes in the fields.

The finest of the Seattle hoard [25 blazing unc coins found in a safe deposit box in 1990]. Completely original with just a bit of periphrial toning. The luster stands up and does cartwheels!

1877 T$1 MS66 PCGS # 7044

A completely original superb gem example of a date that almost never comes fully struck.
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