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The Rudolf specimen. Lovely and original, the surfaces are near perfect. Light golden toning completes the picture.

The Share specimen. Superbly original, the coin possesses light golden toning and near perfect surfaces. Very eye appealing!

The Rudolf specimen - the finest known as it's slightly nicer than the other MS65's. An original white coin, with just a hint of golden toning to show its originality. Lightly prooflike, very flashy and eye appealing!

The Garrett specimen. The finest example known of this rare low mintage date, this coin was held in the Garrett collection for nearly a century until auctioned by Stacks in 1976. It later appeared in the famous Fairfield collection. Marvelous origina...

The Fairfield specimen. This is without a doubt the finest no motto dollar from the first two decades of coinage. Utterly flawless surfaces are graced by satiny luster and lovely light original toning.

The Buddy Ebsen specimen - slightly finer than the other graded at this level. Completely original and very prooflike. Marvelous electric blue toning compliments areas of brown. Very sharply struck.
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