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Bruce Morelan Collection of Mint State Seated Liberty Dollars Coin Album

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The Rudolf specimen - one of the finest known. Superb rolling cartwheel luster with frosty cameo devices.

Completely original with moderate to thick toning over near perfect surfaces.

The Share specimen. A deeply toned gorgeous gem. Deep electric blue opens to warm rose centers. The surfaces are near perfect and the eye appeal is outstanding.

Beautiful velvet mint frost graces the devices. The fields are free of contact marks with only a few scattered lines limiting the grade. Very flashy.

The Marc Emory specimen. Held in his personal collection as part of an 1864 mint set for 31 years! White and flashy, the fields are nearly perfect. Gorgeous luster completes the package.

The Rudolf specimen - the finest known. Amazing mint bloom graces near perfect surfaces. A light hint of golden toning is confined to Miss Liberty, otherwise white and flashy.
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