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Bruce Morelan Collection of Mint State Seated Liberty Dollars Coin Album

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The Hayes specimen - the finest known. Spectacular red-orange periphrial toning surrounds white and creamy centers. The surfaces are pristine, with nary a bagmark to distract. Fantastic!

The Childs specimen. From the same collection as the finest 1804 dollar. Superbly original, with deeply frosted devices and untouched dusky toning.

The Rudolf specimen - the finest known. Utterly dripping with luster and eye appeal. Amazing velvety mint frost is practically painted on the devices. Superb!

Satiny golden gray gem surfaces exhibit sultry lustre and generous amounts of lively rose and pale electric blue iridescence. A stunning coin, and just a few tiny marks from perfection.

A beautifully toned original gem. Apricot iridescent toning covers near perfect surfaces. Only a small bagmark on Liberty's breast prevents a higher grade.

The James A Stack specimen - not only the finest known, but the only uncirculated specimen of this ultra rarity known. Prooflike and flashy - the surfaces are alive and the toning has iridescent quality.
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