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Irish 1/2 Crown Date Set with Mule, Circulation Strikes (1928-1967): Gene1865


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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
17232319281/2 CrAU58112Nice original toning
82755219301/2 CrAU5875Great luster.
82755419311/2 CrAU5855Superb Gold electric Blue Rainbow toning
82755519331/2 CrAU5837Almost mint state- key date- Lustrous- Total sharpness even finest elements of detail present on this coin. RR thu.
82755619341/2 CrMS6474Purchased from a Sack World Coin Auction
82755719371/2 CrAU5543Well struck with a lot of original luster there is a little rub on the highest parts of the devices.
14091119391/2 CrMS6231Brillant
14091219401/2 CrMS6232Full Blast White BU
14091319411/2 CrMS6222Champagne luster with some slightly darker areas
82756919421/2 CrMS651213Beautiful deep pastel toning
82757019431/2 CrAU53314Lustrous- quite rare for 1943HC with low mintage.
82757119511/2 CrMS65113Satiny Luster
82757219541/2 CrMS65145Satiny Gem
82757319551/2 CrMS6547Unc-BU
82757619591/2 CrMS6589Gem Unc
82757719611/2 CrMS6422Ch BU
8275871961 Mule1/2 CrAU5011Choice AU and Rare.
40114419621/2 CrMS6551Gem BU
50168619631/2 CrMS6535Gem BU
14465319641/2 CrMS6459Toned beauty from an original set located in New Mexico.
40338919661/2 CrMS6446With Lustre
82758019671/2 CrMS64107Came from an original mint roll wrapped in paper
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