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Capped Bust Half Dollars Major Variety Set without Reeded Edges, Circulation Strikes (1807-1836): The Early American Silver Major Variety Set of Lettered Edge Half Dollars

The Early American Silver Major Variety Set of Lettered Edge Half Dollars

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About this set: Capped Bust Lettered Edge Half Dollars are a very interesting series to collect. From the Early Federal period of United States coinage, yet the date set easily collectible in all grades up to mint state. Since the individual obverse and reverse dies were prepared by hand punching lettering and numbering into the die, significant variations are present in figure and lettering positioning and many minor errors as well. The major variations and die preparation errors have been grouped into the Redbook as major varieties. These major varieties are highly collectible and become a great deal more challenging to collect.

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The Early American Silver Major Variety Set of Lettered Edge Half Dollars
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
60861807 Large Stars, 50/2050CMS652030O.112 R1. Gardner. Tied for finest known. Flashy luster with highlights of ...
393591807 Small Stars50CMS65+1020
393611807 Large Stars50CMS661010O.114 R3. Norweb. Pogue. CAC. Finest Known 1807 Capped Half Dollar.
393571807 Bearded Liberty50CAU551020O.111b R5. CAC. Grey dirt original surfaces with luster emanating from unde...
393781808/7 50CMS661010O.101 R1. Finest Known 1808/7 Half Dollar.
39395180950CMS66+1010O.106 R3.
393821809 XXX Edge50CMS631030O.110 R4+. Finest known of this very, very difficult R4+ die marriage and t...
60941809 III Edge50CMS651020O.107 R3. Tied Finest Known. Blazing cartwheel luster with superb original ...
60961811 Large 850CMS661010Eliasberg. O.104. Finest Known 1811 Large 8 half dollar. Obtained from Joe ...
394351811 Small 850CMS67+1010
394211811/10 50CMS64+2021
394431812/1 Small 850CMS65+1010O.101 R1. Kaufman. Pogue. Finest Known 1812/1 Half Dollar. Per cataloger, "...
394411812/1 Large 850CAU551020
394741813 50C/UNI50CMS651010
394881814/3 50CMS651010
394901814 E/A in STATES50CMS64+1010
394911815/2 50CMS65+1010O.101 R2. Finest Known of this key date. A+ Eye Appeal. Per Heritage catalo...
395101817 181.750CMS621132
395111817/3 50CMS641032
395141817/4 50CAU531010O.102a R7. Finest Known of this legendary rarity by 18 grading points above...
395371818/7 Small 850CMS651020
4053831818/7 Large 850CMS651010
39542181950CMS661010O.107 R2. Finest Known 1819 Half Dollar.
395551819/8 Small 950CMS642073
395561819/8 Large 950CMS661020
395641820 Curl 2, Small Date50CMS641022
395651820 Square 2, Large Date50CMS641062
395701820 Sq 2, Lg Dt, No Knob50CMS66+1010
395721820/19 Square 250CMS65+1010
61261820/19 Curl 250CMS641111O.102 R1. CAC. Second finest at PCGS. Per cataloger, "Curl Base 2, O-102, R...
39590182250CMS661023O.105 R3. Kaufman. Pogue. CAC. Per cataloger, "WorldClass 1822 Overton-105 ...
396041822/1 50CMS661010
39611182350CMS65+1021O.107 R2. Blazing cartwheel luster with kaleidoscope peripheral colors. 18...
396201823 Broken 350CMS65+1010
396211823 Patched 350CMS65+1010
396231823 Ugly 350CMS651010
61381824 Various Overdates50CMS647181O.103 R2. "Incredible Eye Appeal. 1824 50C Over Various Dates, O-103, R.1 M...
396401824/1 50CMS651010
396431824/4 50CMS661010
39650182550CMS66+1010O.104 R4+. "This half dollar is so much more than a Premium Gem. It has ama...
396971827 Square 250CMS661051
397501827 Curl 250CMS651020O.147 R4. Curl 2. Finest Known. Shimmering blue with lovely original and lu...
397521827/6 50CMS662020
397561828 Curl 2, No Knob50CMS65+1020
397591828 Curl 2, Knob50CMS651020
397631828 Square 2, Large 850CMS66+1010
397781828 Sq 2, Sm 8's, Lg Let.50CMS661040O.122 R3. Finest Known. Striking and dramatic orange with neon blue periphe...
61521828 Sq 2, Sm 8's, Sm Let.50CMS651020O.119 R3. Finest Known of this tough Redbook variety at PCGS. Per Heritage ...
506728182950CMS66+1010O-105a R1. Pogue. Finest Known 1929 Half Dollar
398071829/7 50CMS661020
398121830 Small 050CMS66+1011
398331830 Large 050CMS661011
398361830 Large Letters50CMS62+1111O.114 R5. Possible Tie second finest Known. From the Charlton Meyer Collect...
398601832 Small Letters50CMS671010
398861832 Large Letters50CMS641061
399061834 Large Date, Lg Let50CMS65+1012O.102 R1. Lovely original surfaces with radiant cartwheel luster. "The 3 i...
399101834 Large Date, Sm Let50CMS671010
399261834 Small Date, Sm Let50CMS661032
39935183550CMS65+1131O.109 R2. Lovely original surfaces with blazing cartwheel luster. "A large ...
399481836 Lettered Edge50CMS66+1010
399641836 50/0050CMS651020
Hi Tom, thanks for the shout out. Great to see you terrific set continuing to build.
Posted @ 4/19/2016 6:38 PM By icrf03
Really glad to see your set back visible to us. Absolutely amazing, and almost every one finest known
Posted @ 4/5/2016 4:26 PM By Bustnut
Really glad to see your set back visible to us. Absolutely amazing, and almost every one finest known
Posted @ 4/5/2016 4:26 PM By Bustnut
Wow! The Redbook Set that the rest of us can only dream of. Thanks for sharing this amazing accomplishment in the "set coin album".
Posted @ 1/30/2015 12:50 PM By jross152
Only nine to go, and you could have a complete top POP set. I do understand, that in some cases, you like the look of your second best coin better than the look of best one.This set is simply unbelievable!
Posted @ 7/6/2014 3:19 PM By mozins
Thanks Bret and nice to speak with you last week.
Posted @ 4/14/2014 9:49 PM By icrf03
just a colossal set
Posted @ 4/12/2014 1:43 PM By bretleifernumis1