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Capped Bust Half Dollars Major Variety Set without Reeded Edges, Circulation Strikes (1807-1836): Link's Major Variety Set

Link's Major Variety Set

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About this set: Capped Bust Lettered Edge Half Dollars are a very interesting series to collect. From the Early Federal period of United States coinage, yet the date set easily collectible in all grades up to mint state. Since the individual obverse and reverse dies were prepared by hand punching lettering and numbering into the die, significant variations are present in figure and lettering positioning and many minor errors as well. The major variations and die preparation errors have been grouped into the Redbook as major varieties. These major varieties are highly collectible and become a great deal more challenging to collect.

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Link's Major Variety Set
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60861807 Large Stars, 50/2050CMS652030O.112 R1. Gardner. Tied for finest known. Flashy luster with highlights of bright aqua blue around edge devices. From Collection of Eugene Gardner sold by Heritage Auctions on June 23, 2014, Lot 30468. Described by Heritage cataloger as, This attractive example displays bright mint luster with deep golden-russet and blue peripheral toning. Sharply defined on the neck feathers of the eagle, but showing the usual softness on the left (facing) wing." Obtained from Michael Contursi at Rare Coin Wholesalers by private treaty on November 21, 2014.
393591807 Small Stars50CMS65+1020 
393611807 Large Stars50CMS651111O.114 R3. Newman. CAC. "Large Stars Guide Book Variety. Tied for Finest Known O-114. Ex: "Col." E.H.R. Green. This coin is a stunning Gem, with brilliant silver centers surrounded by vivid rings of golden-brown and lavender toning. The remarkably well-preserved surfaces radiate vibrant mint luster throughout with few, if any, signs of handling or album storage. The strike is razor-sharp. An extensive network of die cracks is evident on the reverse and interesting clash marks are visible on both sides. Overall eye appeal is terrific. NGC has graded one other MS65, the Prouty Ex: Norweb and Pryor coin last offered in Superior's Hudson River Valley 3 sale, October 2000, lot 3273 where it brought a modest $24,150. That coin remains in the strong hands of the successful bidder. A PCGS MS65 1807 Large Stars was the super nova of our half dollar offerings in the Central States signature sale of April 2010. With a "look" comparable to the Newman coin it took $149,500 to bring it home! We will not be surprised to see a repeat of that bidding war when this piece comes to the floor. The Mint began the year with a small mintage of Draped Bust dollars, before switching to the new design. A modest mintage of 750,500 Capped Bust half dollars was accomplished in the later part of the year, the second smallest business-strike total for the series. Only four different die varieties are known for the date and type, including the Large Stars O-114 variety represented by the present coin. The O-114 variety is easily recognized by the small die lumps below the 7 in the date and overlapping lower arrowheads on the reverse. The Large Stars variety is listed on page 194 of the 2014 Guide Book. Ex: "Colonel" E.H.R. Green; Green Estate; Partnership of Eric P. Newman / B.G. Johnson d.b.a. St. Louis Stamp & Coin Co.; Eric P. Newman @ $10.00; Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society. Items being sold are from the extensive collection of Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society (a Missouri not-for-profit corporation) and have been assembled over a period of 90 years. Proceeds of the sale of all items will be used exclusively for supplementing the Society’s museum operations and scholarly numismatic research efforts and for the benefit of other not-for-profit institutions selected by Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society for public purposes," per Heritage cataloger. Heritage Auction #1190 of the Newman Collection on November 15, 2013, Lot 33436. PCGS cross from NGC MS65 to PCGS MS65 on February 14,2014. Martin Logies said he was the under bidder at the Las vegas PCGS show on 2/14/2014.
393571807 Bearded Liberty50CAU551020O.111b R5. CAC. Grey dirt original surfaces with luster emanating from underneath the original patina. Obtained by private treaty with Jason Carter on February 14, 2015.
39373180850CMS66+1014O.108a R4. Newman. CAC. Phenomenal original surfaces with amazing luster, WOW! "Finest O-108a by Four Grading Points. Ex: "Col." E.H.R. Green. This high-end Premium Gem features sharply detailed design elements, most unusual on an 1808 half dollar, which typically comes softly struck. Vibrant mint luster shines through attractive shades of silver-gray, lavender, and champagne-gold toning. The obverse shows some dramatic clash marks around the date and in the right field. This coin shows indescribably rich toning. It is set apart from the preceding jaw-dropping MS65 examples in the same way that a mature observer might prefer Paul Newman to Brad Pitt or Lauren Bacall to a young Audrey Hepburn. In all events, this coin is a "must-have" for advanced specialists and Registry Set collectors. A large mintage of more than 1.3 million Capped Bust half dollars was accomplished in 1808, with 10 die varieties known for the date. Stephen Herrman's survey of auction appearances lists no example of an O-108 finer than MS61, and no O-108a finer than MS62. This coin is far and away the finest known example of the variety. Ex: "Colonel" E.H.R. Green; Green Estate; Partnership of Eric P. Newman / B.G. Johnson d.b.a. St. Louis Stamp & Coin Co.; Eric P. Newman @ $4.00; Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society," per Heritage cataloger (Sheridan Downey). Heritage Auction #1190 of the Newman Collection on November 15, 2013, Lot 33439. PCGS cross from NGC MS66+ to PCGS MS66+ on 2/14/2014.
393781808/7 50CMS64+1112 
39395180950CMS661131O.106 R3. Finest known. Wow, cobalt electric blue toning with flashlight luster! Lot 4095. Per Stacks cataloger, "this reverse die, in its only use in the production of 1809 Capped Bust half dollars, is easy to identify due to recutting on the letter N in UNITED and a long tool mark (as made) from the upper right corner of the shield that extends toward the top of the eagle's right (facing) wing. This die marriage is described as a "common" variety by Stephen J. Herrman in the autumn 2011 revision to Auction & Mail Bid Prices Realized for Bust Half Dollars: 1794-1839, but the author also establishes the remarkable condition rarity of the present Gem by ranking it as Condition Census #1 for the 1809 O-106 variety. Vividly toned with cobalt-blue iridescence ringing the peripheries, the centers are also appealing in salmon-pink patina that has a mottled distribution on the obverse. Vibrant mint bloom throughout, with a well centered strike that imparted bold to sharp definition to all design elements. A lack of distracting abrasions confirms the premium Gem grade from NGC. Finest certified for the issue as a whole! Numismatic Reflections by Q. David Bowers. This superb Gem, from the early range of the Capped Bust series, is one of the finest I have ever seen. The Kaufman Collection pedigree is important, as Phil was and is one of the most careful connoisseurs in numismatics. Here indeed is a half dollar that will be a highlight of the collection of its proud new owner. NGC Census (all die varieties of the 1809 half dollar issue): just 4 in MS-66 with or without a * designation; none are graded higher at either PCGS or NGC. From Heritage's sale of the Joseph C. Thomas Collection, April 2009, lot 2406. Earlier Ex: Phil Kaufman Collection." Previously sold on March 30, 2009 for $14,950 by Heritage Galleries Auction 1124, described in the catalog as, "This piece is remarkable for its nearly perfect technical quality, and it is even more distinctive for its amazing aesthetic appeal. A few hair curls and feathers have slight weakness, but the overall design sharpness is much finer than usual for the variety or for the date. The surfaces have soft, frosty luster beneath an amazing display of medium gold and ivory at the centers, surrounded by intense cobalt-blue, sea-green, and violet toning closer to the borders". Was in an NGC MS66 holder (1720049-004) with the O.106 designation. Has the obv die crack thru stars on the left.
393821809 XXX Edge50CMS631030O.110 R4+. Finest known of this very, very difficult R4+ die marriage and the only uncirculated example. Lovely original toning and surfaces suggest a higher grade. Obtained by private treaty from Keith Davignon on March 27, 2014. Keith previously obtained the coin from the the collection of David Kahn for $18,000 in November, 2008David had obtained the coin privately from Sheridan Downey's sale of the Charlton Meyer Collection (that had contained 450 of 453 die marriages of Capped Bust half Dollars). Charlton had obtained the coin from Sheridan Downey's fixed price list of the Gehrig Prouty Collection in August, 2000 for $9500.
60941809 III Edge50CMS651020O.107 R3. Tied Finest Known. Blazing cartwheel luster with superb original pewter colored surfaces. Fully proof like with nearly complete mirrors in both the obverse and reverse fields. The coin has an amazingly detailed and complete strike for an 1809 half dollar and shows the mint was already able to strike early half dollars that could have been used as special presentation pieces. The III edge is one of only two edge letter variants collected to complete the Redbook set of Lettered Edge Capped Half Dollars. The other is the 1809 XXX which has only been found in a maximum grade of MS63. Interestingly, many other edge variations are known in subsequent years of the series that have never been included in the Redbook. Obtained by private treaty with John Konop on June 27, 2015.
394231811 Large 850CMS6410137O.103 R3. Lovely original patina with splashes of infused blue and orange color. Obtained by private trade with Matt Kleinstruber on January 8, 2015.
394351811 Small 850CMS67+1010 
394211811/10 50CMS64+2021 
394441812/1 Small 850CMS641061 
394411812/1 Large 850CAU551030 
394731813 50C/UNI50CMS6410122 
394881814/3 50CMS651010 
394901814 E/A in STATES50CMS64+1010 
394911815/2 50CMS65+1010O.101 R2. Finest Known of this key date. A+ Eye Appeal. Per Heritage cataloger, "Ex: Kaufman. Numismatists and collectors who seek a complete date collection must acquire an 1815 half dollar. Similarly, die variety specialists require an example, and those who seek die states must have two different pieces. Many design type collectors have the formation of a complete type set of key-date coins as their goal, and the 1815 half dollar is the best candidate. Finally, a growing trend is the acquisition of "trophy coins," those pieces that combine rarity, quality, and exceptional aesthetic appeal, and this Premium Gem 1815 half dollar combines all of those factors. Demand for a specimen such as this rarity has never been higher. A single die variety is known for the 1815/2 half dollars, in two distinct die states. The overdate feature is particularly visible at the top of the 5. The obverse has a faint die crack from the curl below the ear, onto the neck. While clash marks are especially visible on the reverse, there is no trace of the reverse die cracks found on later die states. The entire mintage of 47,150 1815-dated half dollars was also delivered on January 10, 1816. The finest 1815 half dollars are the present early die state piece and the Eliasberg Gem late die state specimen. Following these two pieces, we find approximately 20 other auction records of MS63 and MS64 coins over the last 20 years. However, we have no hesitation calling the present piece the finest known 1815 half dollar. It has bold central details with an almost medallic appearance, the stars at the left border are strong while those to the right are weak. Both sides have soft, frosty silver luster with grayish-gold patina, surrounded by blue-green, gold, rose, and iridescent toning. The surfaces are well-preserved, with no evidence of mishandling. This Premium Gem is one of the landmark opportunities in the current sale, and once sold, may not appear on the market for many years. Ex: The Chicago Sale (RARCOA and David W. Akers, Inc., 8/1991), lot 523; Central States Signature (Heritage, 4-5/2009), Lot 2415 per Heritage cataloger. Crossed from NGC MS66+ to PCGS MS65+ on 12/20/2013. Obtained from Heritage Platinum Auction on August 8, 2012, Lot 5143.
395101817 181.750CMS621132 
395111817/3 50CMS641032 
395141817/4 50CAU531010O.102a R7. Finest Known of this legendary rarity by 18 grading points above the PCGS VF35 Meyer O.102. Coin has great eye appeal with a halo of rainbow color. Large concentric die crack across obverse denotes the late die state that is present on most 1817/4 halves. This large crack spanning the entire obverse most likely doomed the die to failure and accounts for the rarity of this early overdate. Shares the reverse die with the more common O.103 easily spotted by the three reverse I's appearing like J's because of the missing lower right serif on the I punch. One of the 100 most important U.S. Coins. Likely the Wallis and discovery coin published in 1930 and offered in a Fixed Price List by Wallis in 1934 for $2,500. Said by Wallis to have been held in a family collection since 1846. Sold into the Pratt Collection at some point. "Rediscovered" in the Pratt Collection purchased by Al Overton in 1951. Privately sold by Al C. Overton, the author of UNITED STATES EARLY HALF DOLLAR DIE VARITIES, in 1953 for $1,500 to Louis Eliasberg. Sold at Louis E. Eliasberg Collection (Bowers and Merena/Stack's, April 1997, lot 1735) Auction and purchased by Donald Kagin and Andrew Lustig for $209,000. Sold circa June 1997 by Donald Kagin and Andrew Lustig to Dr. Juan XII Suros for a reported $250,000+.  Sold in Juan XII Suros Collection (Superior, February 1999, lot 180) to Jay Parrino & Don Kagin for approximately $184,000. Listed, but did not sell, in the 2003 ANA Sale (Bowers and Merena, July 2003, lot 14430). Sold in the Richmond II Collection (David Lawrence Rare Coins, November 2004, lot 1388) to George "Buddy" Byers for $333,500. Sold in Stack's "George "Buddy" Byers" Auction on 10/17/2006, lot 1031, for $310,500 to John Gerversoni. Sold in Stacks "Treasure of New York" Auction on 7/30/2009, lot 542, to Dr. Charles Link for $356,500. Upgraded by PCGS to AU53 on 10/17/2013 and designated O.102a in a Secure holder.
6113181850CMS657375O.107 R1. Gardner. Obtained from Heritage Auction #1214 on October 27, 2014.
395361818/7 Small 850CMS631063 
4053831818/7 Large 850CMS651010 
395551819/8 Small 950CMS642072 
395621819/8 Large 950CMS65+1012 
395641820 Curl 2, Small Date50CMS641022 
395651820 Square 2, Large Date50CMS6410151 
61231820 Sq 2, Lg Dt, No Knob50CMS641234 
395721820/19 Square 250CMS651111O.101 Eliasberg.
61261820/19 Curl 250CMS641111O.102 R1. CAC. Second finest at PCGS. Per cataloger, "Curl Base 2, O-102, R.1, MS64 PCGS. CAC. Although not a rare die marriage in the Capped Bust half dollar series, this is a distinct variety which merits its own listing in the Guide Book. The O-102 variety is readily identifiable, featuring a bold overdate and the Curl Base 2 in the date. Bust coinage of the 1820s employed both Curl Base and Square Base 2s, most famously on the rare 1827 quarter, which was struck with both styles. This CAC-approved example is beautifully toned, with light, gray color predominating. Blue, green, and yellow shades underlay the medium toning on both obverse and reverse. Colorful bands at the rims surround the central figures, particularly on the reverse. For the variety, PCGS has graded one coin at MS64, one at MS64+, and one at MS65 (12/14)." Obtaibed at Heritage Long Beach Auction #1217 on January 29, 2015, Lot 3125.
396041822/1 50CMS641163 
39611182350CMS65+1011O.107 R2. Blazing cartwheel luster with kaleidoscope peripheral colors. 1823 are usually tough to find in true gem condition. Second finest for the die marriage behind the Elaisberg/Kaufman NGC MS67. Obtained by private treaty from Dale Friend (who incidentally has the finest known PCGS 1823 at MS66!)
61321823 Broken 350CMS641011O.101 R3. Newman. Second finest known. "1823 Capped Bust Half Dollar, MS64. Popular Broken 3 Guide Book Variety, O-101. Ex: "Col." E.H.R. Green. This Guide Book staple exhibits vibrant mint luster radiating from nicely preserved surfaces. The brilliant silver centers have a beguiling antique cameo appearance, complimented by vivid rings of violet and golden-brown toning at the rims. Aside from the eagle's claws and nearby stem the design elements are crisply struck. The "Broken 3" of 1823 is found on a multitude of want lists, notably Registry Set collectors seeking the rarely encountered choice AU and Uncirculated specimens. The Newman coin is just what the doctor ordered. We expect fierce competition. Ex: "Colonel" E.H.R. Green; Green Estate; Partnership of Eric P. Newman / B.G. Johnson d.b.a. St. Louis Stamp & Coin Co.; Eric P. Newman @ $3.00; Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society . Items being sold are from the extensive collection of Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society (a Missouri not-for-profit corporation) and have been assembled over a period of 90 years. Proceeds of the sale of all items will be used exclusively for supplementing the Society’s museum operations and scholarly numismatic research efforts and for the benefit of other not-for-profit institutions selected by Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society for public purposes," per Heritage cataloger, Sheridan Downey. 2013 November 15 - 16 Selections from the Eric P. Newman Collection Part II Signature Auction - New York #1190, November 15, 2013, Lot 33452. Crossed from NGC MS64 to PCGS MS64. Obtained from Matt at Numismatic Financial Corporation on December 25, 2013.
396211823 Patched 350CMS641272 
396231823 Ugly 350CMS632131 
61381824 Various Overdates50CMS647181O.103 R2. "Incredible Eye Appeal. 1824 50C Over Various Dates, O-103, R.1 MS64 PCGS Secure. The 4 is seen over various numerals, but how many or which ones is not clear. Deep electric-blue, orange-gold, rose, and lavender peripheral toning frames a subtle blend of rich golden-beige in the centers. The cartwheel luster is intense and the surfaces are all but pristine. The star centers and bust tip are a touch flat, but the remaining design features are sharply impressed. The foregoing attributes add up to incredible eye appeal. Enthusiasts of toned type coins will revel in this spectacular example. Ex: New York Connoisseur's Collection, American Numismatic Rarities (3/2006), where it realized $19,900," per cataloger. Obtained from 2014 June 5 US Coins Signature Auction - Long Beach #1206, Lot 4517
396401824/1 50CMS6421121O.101 R2 "The 4 in the date is sharply repunched over a 1 with the point of the 1 visible at the upper part of the diagonal. The high points of this lustrous example are extremely sharp beneath mottled orange-gold, violet, and sea-green toning. Popular Guide Book variety," per Heritage cataloger. Lot 3607. Heritage Summer FUN Auction on July 7, 2011. Upgraded from PCGS MS63 to MS64 on October 29, 2013.
61401824/4 50CMS652021Gardner. O.110a R2. Finest known. The 24 over 4 O-110 is one of five die marriages out of 17 for the year 1824 that are overdates. There are two 1824/1, the fairly available O-101 and the extremely scarce O-102 with only one mint state example (PCGS MS62 reported). The confusing jumble of numbers on the O-103 deemed 24 over various dates and two finally two 24 over 4 (the O-109 and O-110 with the former being slightly scarcer than the latter IMHO). Per Heritage cataloger of the Gardner Collection, "O-110a, beautiful patina. Recut 4 Over 4 MS65 NGC. O-110a, R.2. This interesting variety is actually an 1824/4, recut 4, and not an 1824/1 overdate as sometimes assumed. While this variety is not considered rare, Gem-quality pieces are nonetheless elusive. This beautifully preserved, highly lustrous Gem example displays soft green-gold and lavender-gray hues blended across the obverse, while the reverse exhibits vivid concentric circles of teal, blue, and violet around a deep golden center. The strike is above-average for the issue, with the only soft points seen on the right obverse stars." Prior sale at Heritage's The Eugene H. Gardner Collection of US Coins Signature Auction - New York #1213 on June 23, 2014, Lot 30474. Obtained from Jason Carter (who crossed the coin from NGC MS65) by private treaty on August 4, 2014.
39650182550CMS66+1010O.104 R4+. "This half dollar is so much more than a Premium Gem. It has amazing eye appeal with green, rose, and iridescent toning on the obverse, and light gold on the reverse. The strike is bold and well-centered, and the surfaces are highly lustrous and pristine. An amazing example, but also an extremely important offering. We had the privilege to offer an MS67 example of O-104 in our 2009 CSNS sale, and the present specimen is the second finest known example. The census quickly drops to MS65, MS64, and MS63. Population: 6 in 66, 0 finer (9/12)," per Heritage cataloger. Obtained from Heritage Galleries' Auction Auction #1175 on October 12, 2012. Upgraded from PCGS MS66 to PCGS MS66+ on 10/29/2013: as of this date, this coin is the finest known 1825 Capped Bust Half Dollar ever graded by PCGS (five in MS66, one in MS66+).
396971827 Square 250CMS661051 
397501827 Curl 250CMS651020O.147 R4. Curl 2. Finest Known. Shimmering blue with lovely original and lustrous surfaces. Wonderful eye appeal and tied with one other for this tougher Redbook variety that only constitutes 2 of the 49 die marriages of the prolific 1827 Overton varieties. The O.147 Curl 2 is tougher to obtain than her O.146 Curl 2 cousin. Obtained by private treaty from Joe O'Connor on August 14, 2015.
397511827/6 50CMS651013 
397561828 Curl 2, No Knob50CMS65+1020 
397591828 Curl 2, Knob50CMS651010 
397631828 Square 2, Large 850CMS66+1010 
397781828 Sq 2, Sm 8's, Lg Let.50CMS661040O.122 R3. Finest Known. Striking and dramatic orange with neon blue periphery. Cartwheel luster and exceptionally clean surfaces. Obtained from Legend Numismatics Auction on December 18, 2014.
61521828 Sq 2, Sm 8's, Sm Let.50CMS651010O.119 R3. Finest Known of this tough Redbook variety at PCGS. Per Heritage cataloger,"Ex: "Colonel" E.H.R. Green; Green Estate; Partnership of Eric P. Newman / B.G. Johnson d.b.a. St. Louis Stamp & Coin Co.; Eric P. Newman @ $4.00; Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society; Newman Part II (Heritage, 11/2013), lot 33457, which brought $21,150." Obtained from Heritage Auction on April 23, 2014, Lot 4367. Of note, an NGC MS66 has been reported as well.
398071829/7 50CMS651243 
398151830 Small 050CMS65+1026 
398331830 Large 050CMS661011 
398361830 Large Letters50CMS62+1111O.114 R5. Possible Tie second finest Known. From the Charlton Meyer Collection of capped Bust Halves [the only public-disclosed complete set of 450 die marriages listed in AL Overton's reference]. Provence Ex: Pugh and Ghering Prouty Collection. Only four mint state examples of this popular redbook variety exist. The current finest known is a PCGS MS63 in a southern collection of Capped Bust Halves and is listed in the PCGS registry. This coin is tied or perhaps has bit finer surfaces than the Ex: Reiver NGC MS63 coin. The fourth condition census coin IMHO is Ex:Witham in a PCGS MS62 holder. This coin was obtained from Sheridan Downey Mail Bid Sale on 7/30/2008 of the Charlton Meyer Collection.
398701832 Small Letters50CMS661011 
398861832 Large Letters50CMS641061 
399061834 Large Date, Lg Let50CMS65+1012O.102 R1. Lovely original surfaces with radiant cartwheel luster. "The 3 in the date is repunched south. Cobalt-blue, golden-brown, and lilac toning graces this lustrous Gem half dollar. The cheek displays wispy contact but the fields appear immaculate. The strike shows softness on the right-side stars and selected portions of the eagle. Encapsulated in a first generation holder. Population: 12 in 65, 2 finer (11/13)," per cataloger. Obtained from Heritage Auction on January 9, 2014, Lot 4462. Upgraded by PCGS from MS65 to MS65+ on May 28, 2014.
399101834 Large Date, Sm Let50CMS6512133 
399261834 Small Date, Sm Let50CMS661022 
39935183550CMS65+1131O.109 R2. Lovely original surfaces with blazing cartwheel luster. "A large mintage of 5.3 million Capped Bust half dollars was accomplished in 1835, with 10 die varieties known for the date. The date on this coin is in a straight line and the right side of I in PLURIBUS is under the left side of the second T in STATES, identifying the O-109 variety. Attractive shades of golden-brown and lavender-gray toning blanket both sides of this delightful Gem, with vibrant mint luster underneath. The design elements are sharply detailed, except for the usual flatness on the stars and some letters in the motto on the reverse, where some drawing lines or die striations prevent complete detail. No mentionable distractions are evident and eye appeal is outstanding. Stephen Herrman's list of auction appearances lists a single representative of the O-109 in MS65, with three finer coins, one of which appears twice in the listing," per Heritage cataloger. Only three coins graded MS65 at PCGS and one finer (Eliasberg 67+). Obtained from Heritage Galleries' US Coin Signature Auction #1191 on November 1, 2013, Lot 3615. PCGS upgraded on may 28, 2014. from PCGS MS65 to MS65+.
399421836 Lettered Edge50CMS6510155O.104a R3. Newman. Obtained by private treaty with Legend Numismatics on January 13, 2014.
399641836 50/0050CMS641122 
Wow! The Redbook Set that the rest of us can only dream of. Thanks for sharing this amazing accomplishment in the "set coin album".
Posted @ 1/30/2015 12:50 PM By jross152
Only nine to go, and you could have a complete top POP set. I do understand, that in some cases, you like the look of your second best coin better than the look of best one.This set is simply unbelievable!
Posted @ 7/6/2014 3:19 PM By mozins
Thanks Bret and nice to speak with you last week.
Posted @ 4/14/2014 9:49 PM By icrf03
just a colossal set
Posted @ 4/12/2014 1:43 PM By bretleifernumis1
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