The Sheffield Collection XII

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The Sheffield Collection XII
ItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
19053000961905-F1/2 MkMS6653
19063001031906-G1/2 MkMS6720
19073001051907-A1/2 MkMS6710
19083001121908-D1/2 MkMS6620
19093001221909-F1/2 MkMS6740
19113001281911-E1/2 MkMS6631
19123001321912-A1/2 MkMS6513
19133001421913-F1/2 MkMS6782
19143001451914-A1/2 MkMS6579
19153001491915-A1/2 MkMS6770
19163001611916-E1/2 MkMS6750
19173001651917-A1/2 MkMS661311
19183001761918-F1/2 MkMS67120
19193001791919 A1/2 MkMS67140