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Russian Nicholas I Roubles, Circulation Strikes (1826-1858): rosswb


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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 48.237
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Set Rating 26.956
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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
8400341826-SP NG C-161Rouble  
8400351827/6 -SP NG C-161Rouble  
8400361827-SP NG C-161RoubleAU531111 
1649441828-SP NG C-161RoubleXF403434 
9256941829-SP NG C-161RoubleAU531515 
4021501830/2-SP NG C-161Rouble  
9256951830-SP NG C-161RoubleXF45610610 
4021511831/0-SP NG C-161RoubleXF401313 
9256961831-SP NG C-161RoubleXF4539310 
1427361832-SP NG C-168.1RoubleXF401111 
9257121833-SP NG C-168.1RoubleXF401818 
9257131834-SP NG C-168.1RoubleXF453535 
9257801834-SP C-169 Alex.IRouble  
8563941835/4-SP NG C-168.1Rouble  
8563951835-SP NG C-168.1Rouble  
8563961836/4-SP NG C-168.1Rouble  
5923271836/5-SP NG C-168.1Rouble  
9257151836-SP NG C-168.1RoubleAU501515 
1651671837-SP NG C-168.1RoubleAU501515 
8563991838-SP NG C-168.1Rouble  
9257181839-SP NG C-168.1Rouble  
9299911839-SP NG C-170 Battle of BorodinoRouble  
8564011840/3-SP NG C-168.1RoubleXF451111 
1633201840-SP NG C-168.1RoubleXF451717 
8564041841/3-SP NG C-168.1Rouble  
1649451841-SP NG C-168.1RoubleXF40124124 
  1842/1-SP AC C-168.1Rouble  
9257211842-SP AC C-168.1RoubleXF40323323 
8549791842-MW C-168.2Rouble  
8564081843/2-SP AC C-168.1Rouble  
9257221843-SP AC C-168.1RoubleAU583737 
9257401843-MW C-168.2Rouble  
8564101844/3-SP CB C-168.1Rouble  
9257231844-SP CB C-168.1RoubleXF45514514 
1616021844-MW C-168.2RoubleAU554646 
1654881845-SP CB C-168.1RoubleAU531515 
8549821845-MW C-168.2Rouble  
8564131846/5-SP PA C-168.1Rouble  
1635531846-SP PA C-168.1RoubleXF45315315 
8549831846-MW C-168.2RoubleAU531111 
9257261847-SP PA C-168.1RoubleAU551414 
1415701847-MW C-168.2RoubleAU582121I bought this 1847 MW rouble raw from a seller in Poland. I paid about $250 for it. When I received it, I saw immediately that it was of a much higher grade than was conveyed by the photograph in the listing. I sent it to PCGS and was ecstatic when it was returned to me in an AU58 holder.
9257271848-SP HI C-168.1RoubleAU55710710 
9257281849-SP PA C-168.1RoubleAU53216216 
9257291850-SP PA C-168.1RoubleXF45114114 
4021661851/0-SP PA C-168.1Rouble  
1655721851-SP PA C-168.1RoubleAU50215215 
9257311852-SP PA C-168.1RoubleAU53111111 
1443131852-SP HI C-168.1Rouble  
9257331853-SP HI C-168.1RoubleXF45111111 
9257341854-SP HI C-168.1RoubleAU55220220 
9257351855-SP HI C-168.1RoubleAU583737 
8549621856/5 FB C-168.1Rouble  
1406191856-SP FB C-168.1RoubleAU501515 
1415711857-SP FB C-168.1Rouble  
1699771858-SP FB C-168.1Rouble  
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