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Swiss 1/2 Silver Franc, Circulation Strikes (1850-1967): The Sheffield Collection XIX

The Sheffield Collection XIX

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 66.178
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 66.178
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The Sheffield Collection XIX
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
8859691850-A1/2 FrMS6579
8859701851-A1/2 FrMS6660
8859771875-B1/2 FrMS6421
8859781877-B1/2 FrMS6311
8859791878-B1/2 FrMS6610
8859801879-B1/2 FrMS6511
8859811881-B1/2 FrMS6312
8859821882-B1/2 FrMS6323
8859831894-A1/2 FrMS6520
8859851898-B1/2 FrMS6446
8859861899-B1/2 FrMS6413
8859871900-B1/2 FrMS6640
8859881901-B1/2 FrMS6413
8859891903-B1/2 FrMS6515
8859901904-B1/2 FrMS6610
8859911905-B1/2 FrMS6611
8859921906-B1/2 FrMS6413
8859931907-B1/2 FrMS6710
8859941908-B1/2 FrMS6433
8859951909-B1/2 FrMS6620
8859961910-B1/2 FrMS6523
8859971913-B1/2 FrMS6720
8859981914-B1/2 FrMS6660
8859991916-B1/2 FrMS6620
8860001920-B1/2 FrMS6860
8860011921-B1/2 FrMS6820
8860021928-B1/2 FrMS6641
8860031929-B1/2 FrMS661410
8860041931-B1/2 FrMS6541
8860051932-B1/2 FrMS6631
8860061934-B1/2 FrMS68231
8860071936-B1/2 FrMS6870
8860081937-B1/2 FrMS6712
8860091939-B1/2 FrMS6731
8860101940-B1/2 FrMS6940
8860111941-B1/2 FrMS6620
8860121942-B1/2 FrMS661015
8860131943-B1/2 FrMS67914
8860141944-B1/2 FrMS66612
8860151945-B1/2 FrMS6417
8860161946-B1/2 FrMS65318
8860171948-B1/2 FrMS68390
8860181950-B1/2 FrMS6736
8860191951-B1/2 FrMS66812
8860201952-B1/2 FrMS67+48
8860211953-B1/2 FrMS6850
8860221955-B1/2 FrMS6732
8860231956-B1/2 FrMS6730
8860241957-B1/2 FrMS66311
8860251958-B1/2 FrMS66311
8860261959-B1/2 FrMS6840
8860271960-B1/2 FrMS6623
8860281961-B1/2 FrMS6610
8860291962-B1/2 FrMS6720
8860301963-B1/2 FrMS6622
8860311964-B1/2 FrMS6625
8860321965-B1/2 FrMS6621
8860331966-B1/2 FrMS6810
8860341967-B1/2 FrMS6622