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India Colonial British Denomination Type Set (1835-1947): anilgupta


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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 64.000
Complete 96.00%
Set Rating 61.440
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About this set: Migrated from India I have family/emotional ties,hence I decided to put a set together piece by piece.

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ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
1/12 Anna 1835-184836360418481/12 AnMS64BN2131 
1/2 Pice 18533636081853(c)1/2 PcMS63RB3162 
1/4 Anna 1835-185832754918581/4 AnMS64RB708113 
1/2 Anna 18354468371835(m)1/2 AnMS64BN2141 
2 Annas 1841-18499556231841(c)2 AnMS642072515 
1/4 Rupee 1835-18499556591840(b&c)1/4 RupMS654042 
1/2 Rupee 1835-18495204481835.(c)1/2 RupPR652041 
Rupee 1835-18492388091835.(c)RupeePR6421113 
Mohur 1835-18411429701841(c)MohurMS631032 
2 Mohurs 1835      
1/12 Anna 1862-19426971591932(c)1/12 AnMS66RD51188119 
1/2 Pice 1862-19423493431938(c)1/2 PcPR64BN10124 
1/4 Anna 1862-19424113391917(c)1/4 AnMS66RD30272 
1/2 Anna 1862-19472253931947(c)1/2 AnPR63101213 
Anna 1906-19477358931935(b)AnnaMS651030 
2 Annas 1862-19478230741862(c)2 AnMS64323732 
4 Annas 1919-19211626621920(c)4 AnnasPR642040 
8 Annas 1919-19202437041919(b)8 AnPR638193 
1/4 Rupee 1862-19478237341936(b)1/4 RupMS6631131 
1/2 Rupee 1862-19476528391877(c)1/2 RupPR64103522 
Rupee 1862-19478245731919(c)RupeeMS6510232 
5 Rupees 1870-18795683991870-CM5 RupPR64DC1031 
10 Rupees 1870-18792330271870-CM10 RupPR621048 
15 Rupees 1918173748191815 RupPR63121111 
Mohur 1862-18919546921888(c)MohurMS61101440 
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