The Sheffield Collection XXI

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Weighted GPA 65.494
Complete 88.68%
Set Rating 53.214
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The Sheffield Collection XXI
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
8864471850-A2 FrMS6446
8864481857-B2 Fr 
8864491860-B2 FrMS6425
8864511862-B2 Fr 
8864521863-B2 FrMS65+11
8864651874-B2 FrMS6333
8864661875-B2 FrMS6311
8864671878-B2 Fr 
8864681879-B2 Fr 
8864691886-B2 FrMS6720
8864701894-A2 Fr 
8864721901-B2 Fr 
8864731903-B2 FrMS6531
8864741904-B2 FrMS6511
8864751905-B2 FrMS6313
8864761906-B2 FrMS6531
8864771907-B2 FrMS6610
8864781908-B2 FrMS6412
8864791909-B2 FrMS6520
8864801910-B2 FrMS6620
8864811911-B2 FrMS6520
8864821912-B2 FrMS6514
8864831913-B2 FrMS6630
8864841914-B2 FrMS6710
8864851916-B2 FrMS6610
8864861920-B2 FrMS67213
8864871921-B2 FrMS66189
8864881922-B2 FrMS6610
8864891928-B2 FrMS6545
8864901931-B2 FrMS6671
8864911932-B2 FrMS6631
8864921936-B2 FrMS6640
8864931937-B2 FrMS6820
8864941939-B2 FrMS67115
8864951940-B2 FrMS66155
8864961941-B2 FrMS6860
8864971943-B2 FrMS6672
8864981944-B2 FrMS66167
8864991945-B2 FrMS6730
8865001946-B2 FrMS65612
8865011947-B2 FrMS6662
8865021948-B2 FrMS6710
8865031953-B2 FrMS6673
8865041955-B2 FrMS6634
8865051957-B2 FrMS6760
8865061958-B2 FrMS6692
8865071959-B2 FrMS6621
8865081960-B2 FrMS6810
8865091961-B2 FrMS67234
8865101963-B2 FrMS6634
8865111964-B2 FrMS6741
8865121965-B2 FrMS67120
8865131967-B2 FrMS6740