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Rank 2
Weighted GPA 66.657
Complete 94.87%
Set Rating 61.289
%RD 10.81%
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About this set: BUYING: I am an active buyer of upgrades, interesting die states (e.g., die breaks), and unusual mint errors (e.g., brockages) for my half cent collection.

SELLING: I offer for sale many choice and rare duplicate half cents from my collection at my website: www.eusrc.com. Please contact me by phone 412-247-4484, email [email protected], or at my bourse table at major shows.

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Jim McGuigan
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
11861831 Original1/2CPR64BN12Breen(B)-1, Cohen(C)-EO5, Gilbert(G)-1; (R7); Ex Brobston
11891831 Res Reverse of 18361/2CPR66+ BN11B-2*, C-PR2, G-1A; (R5+)
11931831 Res Reverse of 18401/2CPR66RB10B-3*, C-SR15, G-2; (R7); Ex Eliasberg
3529818321/2CPR64+ RB11B-2, C-EO7, G-1; (R7); Ex Showers
120018331/2CPR65RD10B-1, C-EO8, G-1; (R4+); Ex Davis-Graves; Tettenhorst
120318341/2CPR65RD10B-1, C-EO9, G-1; (R4+)
120418351/2CPR65BN10B-2, EO11, G-1; (R6); Ex Norweb
12091836 Original1/2CPR65+ RD10B-1*, C-EO12, G-1; (R4+)
353161836 Res Reverse of 18361/2CPR65+ RB10B-1a*, C-PR1a, G-1; (R6)
12111836 Res Reverse of 18401/2CPR66RB20B-2*, C-SR16, G-2; (R7)
12481840 Original1/2CPR65BN11B-1a*, C-PO1, G-1; (R5); ExAnderson-DuPont
353441840 Restrike1/2CPR64RD10B-2*, C-SR2, G-2; (R7)
12541841 Original1/2CPR65BN33B-1*, C-PO2, G-1; (R5); Ex Pittman
353491841 Restrike1/2CPR65RB20B-2*, C-SR3, G-2; (R7); Ex Anderson-DuPont, T.A.D., Tettenhorst
12601842 Original1/2CPR66BN10B-1*, C-PO3, G-1; (R6); Ex JA/Stack
353581842 Restrike1/2CPR65RB10B-3*, C-SR19, G-2; (R6); Ex Norweb
12671843 Original1/2CPR65RB20B-1a*, C-PO4, G-1; (R5)
353601843 Restrike1/2CPR66BN10B-2*, C-SR5, G-2; (R6); Ex Starr
12731844 Original1/2CPR65RB10B-1*, C-PO5, G-1; (R5); Ex Showers
353691844 Restrike1/2CPR66+ BN10B-3*, C-SR21, G-2; (R6); EX TJ/Clarke
12791845 Original1/2CPR65+ RB10B-1a*, C-PO6, G-1; (R6); Ex Garrett
353731845 Restrike1/2CPR66RB10B-2*, C-SR7, G-2; (R7); Ex Anderson-DuPont, T.A.D.
12851846 Original1/2CPR64+ RB11B-1*, C-PO7, G-1; (R6); Ex Lauder
353791846 Restrike1/2CPR65RB10B-2*, C-SR8, G-2; (R7); Ex Norweb
12911847 Original1/2CPR66RB10B-1a*, C-PO8, G-1; (R6); Ex Pittman
353881847 Restrike1/2CPR65RB11B-3*, C-SR24, G-2; (R5)
12971848 Original1/2CPR64+ RB12B-1a*, C-PO9, G-1; (R6)
353941848 Restrike1/2CPR66RB10B-3*, C-SR25, G-2; (R7); Ex Helfenstein
  1849 Large Date1/2C 
13021849 Original, Small Date1/2CPR64BN22B-1*, C-PO10, G-1; (R6); Ex JA/Stack
13061849 Restrike, Small Date1/2CPR64+ RB12B-2*, C-SR11, G-2; (R6)
131218501/2CPR65+ RB10B-1, C-PO12, G-1; (R6)
354061852 Restrike1/2CPR66RB10B-3*, C-SR26, G-2; (R7); Ex Garrett
913171852 Restrike, Lg Berries1/2CPR64+ BN10B-4*, C-SR1, G-1; (R7+); Ex Eliasberg
132418541/2CPR65RB10B-2, C-PO14, G-1; (R6); Ex Eliasberg, Gardner
132718551/2CPR64RB20B-1, C-SO1, G-1; (R6)
133018561/2CPR65RB21B-3*, C-SR13, G-1; R5; Ex Eliasberg
133318571/2CPR65RB12B-2*, C-SR14, G-1; (R4)