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Liberty Nickels, Low Ball (1883-1912): Friends in Low Places

Friends in Low Places

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About this set: Imagine all the places these "Friends" have been and the happiness they gave when they were spent.

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Friends in Low Places
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop LowerOwner's Comments
38411883 No CENTS5CAG323First year No Cents
38441883 with CENTS5CFR260First Year With Cents
384518845CFR261Very worn, used a long time
384618855CPO1110The Lowest, almost completely worn away.
384718865CPO170Lowest used until almost worn away.
384818875CPO120From Lake Bluff IL
384918885CPO140Used a long time
385018895CFR264No rims left
385118905CFR252Used in Dreamland?
385218915CFR241Used in Luna Park?
385318925CPO140Found this one in a roll of Liberty Nickels.
385418935CPO120Found in "unsearched roll" of Liberty Nickels
385518945CFR250Used a long time, very worn.
385618955CPO130This lowest one bought many five cent items.
385718965CFR241Purchased a lot of five cent cigars?
385818975CFR240Used in nickel slots?
385918985CFR220From Las Vegas, Used in Nickel Slot Machine
386018995CFR240From Hawaii, well worn
386119005CFR261Used alot, very worn.
386219015CAG363Obverse rim complete
386319025CFR242Found in a roll of Liberty Nickels
386419035CFR221Very worn, alot of 5c beers?
386519045CAG312Strong Date
386619055CFR220Used for five cent trolley rides?
386719065CFR231Made Many Purchases
386819075CFR230Used a long time and made a lot of purchases
386919085CFR240Used for admission to the movies?
387019095CFR210Found in a roll of Liberty Nickels
387119105CFR230From a roll of Liberty Nickels.
387219115CAG331Partial Rim
387319125CFR210Last year of Business Strikes. This one was used long and hard.
38741912-D5CFR220May have been used to pay for admission to the Isis Theatre in Denver.
38751912-S5CAG360Used S Mint coin
I love this set and added comments. Brings to life and emotions I strive for when I look at a coin. Wonderful and THANK YOU for taking the time!
Posted @ 2/14/2013 5:48 AM By jasonodegard
This is one find set of low ball Liberty nickels. Nice to see some PO01s in this set. Great job and well done.
Posted @ 9/14/2012 9:51 AM By Sourdough
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