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About Set Registry Extended

How high and how far can you go with your collection?

How would you like to say, "My collection is one of the Top 20 in the World" and really know?

In the PCGS Set RegistrySM, your set will be ranked with some of the top sets in the world, including historic collections such as Eliasberg, Garrett, Naftzger, Lee and Price.

You can start your set with just one coin, or enter your entire collection. The PCGS Set RegistrySM not only allows you to compare your set with others, but is a great way to keep track of your inventory online.

As your set grows you'll receive even more benefits! While you experience increased enjoyment from your collection, you will also get up to five FREE grading certificates when you get close to your goal of completing your set. Once complete, your set may qualify for our FREE pedigree service.

Each year, sets in the following categories will receive an award and a "Best of the Registry" icon by his or her set listing in the Registry:

  • Twenty Best Classic Sets (1792-1964)
  • Twenty Best Modern Sets (1950 to Present)
  • Ten Best New Sets
  • Best World Coin Sets
  • Most Improved Sets

    In addition, the registrant with the finest collection at least 75% complete within each set listing will receive a certificate of recognition as well as a "Best of the Registry" icon by his or her set listing in the Registry. Annually, some of the "All-Time Finest" collections ever assembled will be inducted into the PCGS Set RegistrySM Hall of Fame.

    Registration is FREE and there are no fees to participate. You'll enjoy hours of fun as you watch your set build.

  •    Enjoy the Benefits!
  • No fees to participate
  • Free grading
  • Free pedigrees
  • Inventory management
  • Compete with the world's top sets
  • Annual awards and banquet