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Australian Proclamation Type Set, Circulation Strikes (1700-1826)

Number of Required Coins : 16

Current Finest Possible Set Rating : 63.221

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In the late 18th and 19th centuries, Australia served as a penal colony for Great Britain who transported more than 165,000 convicts to her shores. To accommodate the needs of the prisoners, guards and administrators, Philip Gidley King, the governor of New South Wales, decreed in his Proclamation of 1800 that eleven coins from five different countries would serve as the country’s currency. The proclamation listed the coins and gave them an official value. These coins served as a way to barter until the 1850s when the sovereign became the recognized currency.

Notes: This set requires 14 coins which include the five varieties of the Portuguese 4 Escudos and the two varieties of the Spanish 8 Reales. This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

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RankCollection% CompleteGPA WeightedSet Rating
1 Eureka Collection Click to view Set Images 93.75% 59.56 49.86
2 dobra Click to Contact OwnerClick to view Set Images 81.25% 60.92 45.34
3 deepblue30 75.00% 60.48 40.79
4 Idris Click to Contact OwnerClick to view Set Images 75.00% 60.33 37.88
5 Spencer Collection Australian Proclamation Set 1700-1826 Click to view Set Images 18.75% 59.88 11.14