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Philippines Complete Classic Set, Circulation Strikes (1903-1945): Just Having Fun with USPI Circulation Strikes.

Just Having Fun with USPI Circulation Strikes. - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 66.032
Complete 97.99%
Set Rating 65.093
Retired Statistics (7/8/2014)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 65.366
Complete 97.99%
Set Rating 64.436
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Just Having Fun with USPI Circulation Strikes.
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
900051903 Half Centavo1/2CMS67RD2020 
900071904 Half Centavo1/2CMS65RB1741716From Warren Mills who once loved these coins as much as I do
900381903 One Centavo1CMS65RD2020 
900411904 One Centavo1CMS66RD3131 
900441905 One Centavo1CMS66RD7272 
900471908-S One Centavo1CMS65RD5252 
900501909-S One Centavo1CMS66RD2020 
900531910-S One Centavo1CMS66RD124124 
900561911-S One Centavo1CMS66RD3131 
900591912-S One Centavo1CMS64RD4141 
900621913-S One Centavo1CMS65RD1010 
900631914-S One Centavo1CMS64BN16141631 
900681915-S One Centavo1CMS64RD1010 
900701916-S One Centavo1CMS66RB2021 
900771917-S One Centavo1CMS66RD5050 
900821918-S One Centavo Allen 2.16a Large S1CMS65RB1010 
900791918-S One Centavo1CMS65RB5055 
900861919-S One Centavo1CMS64RD1010 
900921920 One Centavo1CMS65RD1010 
900871920-S One Centavo1CMS65BN50511 
900951921 One Centavo1CMS65RD1010 
900971922 One Centavo1CMS66RB1010 
901011925-M One Centavo1CMS66RD4040 
901041926-M One Centavo1CMS65RD2020 
901071927-M One Centavo1CMS67RD2020 
901101928-M One Centavo1CMS67RD1010 
901131929-M One Centavo1CMS66RD1010 
901161930-M One Centavo1CMS66RD1010 
901191931-M One Centavo1CMS65RD111111 
901221932-M One Centavo1CMS66RD100100 
901251933-M One Centavo1CMS66RD100100 
901281934-M One Centavo1CMS66RD112112 
901311936-M One Centavo1CMS66RD5151 
901701937-M One Centavo1CMS67RD1010 
901731938-M One Centavo1CMS64RD5858 
901761939-M One Centavo1CMS66RD2020 
901791940-M One Centavo1CMS66RD4040 
901821941-M One Centavo1CMS66RD2020 
901851944-S One Centavo1CMS67RD140150 
901931903 Five Centavos5CMS671010 
901941904 Five Centavos5CMS665050 
901951916-S Five Centavos5CMS671010 
901961917-S Five Centavos5CMS661010 
901971918-S Five Centavos5CMS648080 
901981918-S Five Centavos Allen-4.08b Mule5CMS641111 
901991919-S Five Centavos5CMS653030 
902001920 Five Centavos5CMS652020 
902011921 Five Centavos5CMS64110110 
902021925-M Five Centavos5CMS64121121 
902031926-M Five Centavos5C  
902041927-M Five Centavos5CMS671010 
902051928-M Five Centavos5CMS668080 
902061930-M Five Centavos5CMS661010 
902071931-M Five Centavos5CMS654040 
902081932-M Five Centavos5CMS65150150 
902091934-M Five Centavos5CMS652030 
902101935-M Five Centavos5CMS64123144 
902281937-M Five Centavos5CMS664040 
902291938-M Five Centavos5C  
902301941-M Five Centavos5CMS64146146 
902311944 Five Centavos5CMS65153153 
902321944-S Five Centavos5CMS677070 
902331945-S Five Centavos5CMS66120120 
902371903 Ten Centavos10CMS657171 
902381903-S Ten Centavos10CMS644242 
902391904 Ten Centavos10CMS682020 
902401904-S Ten Centavos10CMS65113113 
902471907 Ten Centavos10CMS674141 
902481907-S Ten Centavos10CMS661010 
902491908-S Ten Centavos10CMS654343 
902501909-S Ten Centavos10CMS672020 
902521911-S Ten Centavos10CMS644040 
902531912-S Ten Centavos10CMS6591101 
902541913-S Ten Centavos10CMS661010 
902551914-S Ten Centavos10CMS660100 
902561915-S Ten Centavos10CMS652121 
902571917-S Ten Centavos10CMS664141 
902581918-S Ten Centavos10CMS673030 
902591919-S Ten Centavos10CMS663030 
902601920 Ten Centavos10CMS646262 
902611921 Ten Centavos10CMS65104104 
902621929-M Ten Centavos10CMS657272 
902631935-M Ten Centavos10CMS662020 
902791937-M Ten Centavos10CMS6411101110 
902801938-M Ten Centavos10CMS656262 
902811941-M Ten Centavos10CMS66111111 
902821944-D Ten Centavos10CMS672121 
902831945-D Ten Centavos10CMS679191 
4154081945-D/D Ten Centavos Allen 9.05a10C  
902881903 Twenty Centavos20CMS64143143 
902891903-S Twenty Centavos20CMS663030 
902901904 Twenty Centavos20CMS673131 
902911904-S Twenty Centavos20CMS666060 
902921905-S Twenty Centavos20CMS643030 
902991907 Twenty Centavos20CMS661010 
903001907-S Twenty Centavos20CMS643535 
903011908-S Twenty Centavos20CMS634545 
903021909-S Twenty Centavos20CMS642222 
903031910-S Twenty Centavos20CMS643232 
903041911-S Twenty Centavos20CMS641010 
903051912-S Twenty Centavos20CMS644242 
903061913-S Twenty Centavos20CMS671010 
903081914-S Twenty Centavos20CMS642121 
903091915-S Twenty Centavos20CMS641111 
903101916-S Twenty Centavos20CMS663030 
903111917-S Twenty Centavos20CMS66+1010 
903121918-S Twenty Centavos20CMS65+1111 
903131919-S Twenty Centavos20CMS645757 
903141920 Twenty Centavos20CMS651010 
903151921 Twenty Centavos20CMS64189189 
903161928-M Twenty Centavos Mule20CMS661111 
903171929-M Twenty Centavos20CMS663131 
903311937-M Twenty Centavos20CMS65101101 
903321938-M Twenty Centavos20CMS664141 
903331941-M Twenty Centavos20CMS655151 
903341944-D Twenty Centavos20CMS66152152 
903351944-D/S Twenty Centavos Allen-12.04a20CMS653737 
903361945-D Twenty Centavos20CMS67230230A magnificently toned giant
903421903 Fifty Centavos50CMS652020 
903441904 Fifty Centavos50CMS666262 
903451904-S Fifty Centavos50CMS661010 
903461905-S Fifty Centavos50CMS644242 
903531907 Fifty Centavos50CMS648383 
903541907-S Fifty Centavos50CMS653333 
903551908-S Fifty Centavos50CMS632525 
903561909-S Fifty Centavos50CMS662121 
903571917-S Fifty Centavos50CMS656060 
903581918-S Fifty Centavos50CMS654040 
903591919-S Fifty Centavos50CMS664040 
903601920 Fifty Centavos50CMS64111111 
903611921 Fifty Centavos50CMS651010 
904091936-M Commonwealth Fifty Centavos50CMS65302302 
903751944-S Fifty Centavos50CMS66+1313 
903761945-S Fifty Centavos50CMS677171 
903811903 One PesoPesoMS649292 
903821903-S One PesoPesoMS662020 
903831904 One PesoPesoMS65179179 
903841904-S One PesoPesoMS651010 
903851905-S One PesoPesoMS638181 
903871905-S One Peso Allen-16.06a Str. SerifPesoMS632020 
903861906-S One PesoPesoMS623030 
903931907-S One PesoPesoMS672020 
903941908-S One PesoPesoMS64123123 
903951909-S One PesoPesoMS672020 
903961910-S One PesoPesoMS662121 
903971911-S One PesoPesoMS672020 
903981912-S One PesoPesoMS65+0300 
904101936-M Roosevelt One PesoPesoMS66425425 
904111936-M Quezon One PesoPesoMS66192192 
*903431903-S Fifty Centavos50C  

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.

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