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San Francisco Basic Type Set, Circulation Strikes (1854-present): Spencer Collection San Francisco Type Set 1854-Present

Spencer Collection San Francisco Type Set 1854-Present - 17th

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Rank 17
Weighted GPA 63.833
Complete 25.71%
Set Rating 10.943
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Spencer Collection San Francisco Type Set 1854-Present
ItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
Indian Cent   1C 
Lincoln Cent26741938-S1CMS66RD2766291496997046U.S.A. Lincoln Cent GEM
Liberty Head Nickel38751912-S5C 
Buffalo Nickel   5C 
Jefferson Nickel40061939-S5CMS6642412149251021U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem, 1939-S, Reverse of 1938, MS66, Ex Omaha Bank Hoard
Liberty Seated Half Dime   H10C 
Liberty Seated Dime   10C 
Barber Dime   10C 
Mercury Dime50541944-S10CMS662274450200114376U.S.A., Mercury 10 Cent MS66, Bright White Gem
Roosevelt Dime   10C 
Twenty Cents52981875-S20C 
Liberty Seated Quarter   25C 
Barber Quarters   25C 
Standing Liberty Quarter   25C 
Washington Quarter     
Liberty Seated Half Dollar   50C 
Barber Half Dollars   50C 
Walking Liberty Half Dollar66261945-S50CMS6610191497473995U.S.A., Superb Brilliant Gem 1945-S Walker Half Dollar
Franklin Half Dollar   50C 
Kennedy Half Dollar67281976-S50CMS672426401247411715U.S.A., Kennedy Silver Half Dollar, 1976-S, PCGS MS-67
Liberty Seated Dollar   $1 
Trade Dollar   T$1 
Morgan Dollar70921879-S$1MS6671051750391088778U.S.A. $1 Morgan 1879-S, Gorgeous
Peace Dollar   $1 
Eisenhower Dollar74111972-S$1MS68172235439150U.S.A., $1 Ike Silver, PCGS MS68, 1972-S, Superb Gem
Susan B. Anthony Dollar   SBA$1 
Gold Dollar   G$1 
Liberty $2-1/2   $2.50 
Indian Princess $3   $3 
Liberty $5   $5 
Indian Head $585191910-S$5AU5820524416163891U.S.A., Gold $5 Indian dated 1910-S, PCGS AU58, Cert# 27200081. Very PQ for...
Liberty $10   $10 
Indian $10   $10 
Liberty $2090341898-S$20MS63333615042674911932U.S.A., $20 Gold Liberty Dated 1898-S, PCGS MS63, Lovely Even Amber Tone.
St. Gaudens $20   $20