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San Francisco Major Type Set Set, Circulation Strikes (1854-present): Spencer Collection San Francisco Complete Type Set 1854-Present

Spencer Collection San Francisco Complete Type Set 1854-Present - 13th

Current Statistics
Rank 13
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 64.467
Complete 16.39%
Set Rating 5.688
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Spencer Collection San Francisco Complete Type Set 1854-Present
ItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Indian Cent   1C 
Lincoln Cent, Wheat26741938-S1CMS66RD3021355499296805U.S.A. Lincoln Cent GEM
Lincoln Cent, Steel27171943-S1C 
Lincoln Cent, Memorial   1C 
Liberty Head Nickel38751912-S5C 
Buffalo Nickel, Type 139171913-S5C 
Buffalo Nickel, Type 2   5C 
Jefferson Nickel40061939-S5CMS66496395337352U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem, 1939-S, Reverse of 1938, MS66, Ex Omaha Bank Hoard
Jefferson Nickel, Wartime   5C 
Liberty Seated Half Dime   H10C 
Liberty Seated Dime, Drapery   10C 
Liberty Seated Dime, Legend   10C 
Liberty Seated Dime Arrows   10C 
Barber Dime   10C 
Mercury Dime50541944-S10CMS662414494210824925U.S.A., Mercury 10 Cent MS66, Bright White Gem
Roosevelt Dime   10C 
Twenty Cents52981875-S20C 
Liberty Seated Quarter, Arrows NM54371855-S25C 
Liberty Seated Quarter, No Motto   25C 
Liberty Seated Quarter, With Motto   25C 
Liberty Seated Quarter, Arrows   25C 
Barber Quarters   25C 
Standing Liberty Quarter, Type 1  1917-S25C 
Standing Liberty Quarter, Type 2   25C 
Washington Quarter, Silver   25C 
Washington Quarter, Silver Bicentennial     
Washington Quarter - America the Beautiful (2012-Present)    25C 
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Arrows NM62841855-S50C 
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, No Motto   50C 
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Motto   50C 
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Arrows   50C 
Barber Half Dollars   50C 
Walking Liberty Half Dollar66261945-S50CMS66113920982911390U.S.A., Superb Brilliant Gem 1945-S Walker Half Dollar
Franklin Half Dollar   50C 
Kennedy Half Dollar, Silver  2014-S50C 
Kennedy Half Dollar, Silver Bicentennial67281976-S50CMS6726694202680421U.S.A., Kennedy Silver Half Dollar, 1976-S, PCGS MS-67
Kennedy Half Dollar, SMS67751998-S50C 
Liberty Seated Dollar, No Motto69481859-S$1 
Liberty Seated Dollar, Motto   $1 
Trade Dollar   T$1 
Morgan Dollar70921879-S$1MS66749819744134410067U.S.A. $1 Morgan 1879-S, Gorgeous
Peace Dollar   $1 
Eisenhower Dollar, Silver74111972-S$1MS68187042396658U.S.A., $1 Ike Silver, PCGS MS68, 1972-S, Superb Gem
Eisenhower Dollar, Silver Bicentennial74221976-S$1MS6878207820U.S.A., $1 Ike Silver, PCGS MS68, 1976-S, Superb Gem, Tied for Finest
Susan B. Anthony Dollar   SBA$1 
Sacagawea Dollar6080442016-S$1 
Gold Dollar, Type One75271854-SG$1 
Gold Dollar, Type Two   G$1 
Gold Dollar, Type Three   G$1 
Liberty $2-1/2   $2.50 
Indian Princess $3   $3 
Liberty $5, No Motto   $5 
Liberty $5, Motto   $5 
Indian Head $585191910-S$5AU5821525917604081U.S.A., Gold $5 Indian dated 1910-S, PCGS AU58, Cert# 27200081. Very PQ for...
Liberty $10, No Motto   $10 
Liberty $10, Motto   $10 
Indian $10   $10 
Liberty $20, No Motto   $20 
Liberty $20, "TWENTY D."   $20 
Liberty $20, "TWENTY DOLLARS"90341898-S$20MS6334861582268169454U.S.A., $20 Gold Liberty Dated 1898-S, PCGS MS63, Lovely Even Amber Tone.
St. Gaudens $20   $20