Spencer Collection - 20th

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Rank 20
Weighted GPA 66.444
Complete 14.29%
Set Rating 6.295
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Spencer Collection
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Owner's Comments
  1950 QDO FS-10150C 
  1951 DDR FS-80150C 
  1952 "Bugs Bunny" FS-40350C 
6695195450CPR66139881813981634U.S.A., 50 Cent Silver Proof, Superb Gem
  1954 DDO FS-10150C 
  1956 Type 1 FS-90150C 
  1956 Type 250C 
  1956 Type 2 DDO FS-10150C 
  1956 Type 2 DDR FS-80150C 
  1956 Type 2 DDR FS-80250C 
6698195750CPR67173447917341217U.S.A., 50 Cent Silver Proof, Superb Gem
  1957 TDR FS-80150C 
6699195850CPR661758110717581761U.S.A. Franklin Half Dollar, Bright White Proof
86701196050CPR67CA420120420748U.S.A. Franklin Half Dollar, Bright White Mirror Cameo Proof
  1960 DDO FS-10150C 
  1961 DDR FS-80150C 
  1961 FS-80250C 
  1961 FS-80350C 
  1962 DDO FS-10150C 
  1962 FS-90150C 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.