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San Francisco Complete Set with Major Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1854-present): Spencer Collection SF Complete Set

Spencer Collection SF Complete Set - 13th

Current Statistics
Rank 13
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 64.900
Complete 3.38%
Set Rating 0.766
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Spencer Collection SF Complete Set
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
  1908-S 1C1C 
  1909-S 1C Indian1C 
  1909-S VDB 1C1C 
  1909-S 1C Lincoln1C 
  1909-S/S 1C S/Horizontal S1C 
  1910-S 1C1C 
  1911-S 1C1C 
  1912-S 1C1C 
  1913-S 1C1C 
  1914-S 1C1C 
  1915-S 1C1C 
  1916-S 1C1C 
  1917-S 1C1C 
  1918-S 1C1C 
  1919-S 1C1C 
  1920-S 1C1C 
  1921-S 1C1C 
  1923-S 1C1C 
  1924-S 1C1C 
  1925-S 1C1C 
  1926-S 1C1C 
  1927-S 1C1C 
  1928-S 1C1C 
  1929-S 1C1C 
  1930-S 1C1C 
  1931-S 1C1C 
  1935-S 1C1C 
  1936-S 1C1C 
  1937-S 1C1C 
26741938-S 1C1CMS66RD30213553021355U.S.A. Lincoln Cent GEM
26831939-S 1C1CMS66RD32124693212469U.S.A. Lincoln Cent GEM
  1940-S 1C1C 
  1941-S 1C1C 
  1942-S 1C1C 
27171943-S 1C1C 
27311944-S 1C1CMS66RD37704683770468U.S.A. Lincoln Cent 1944-S
27401945-S 1C1CMS66RD4438102144381021U.S.A. Lincoln Cent GEM
  1946-S 1C1C 
  1947-S 1C1C 
  1948-S 1C1C 
27761949-S 1C1CMS66RD24053532405353U.S.A. Lincoln Cent GEM
  1950-S 1C1C 
  1951-S 1C1C 
  1952-S 1C1C 
  1953-S 1C1C 
  1954-S 1C1C 
  1955-S 1C1C 
  1968-S 1C1C 
  1969-S 1C1C 
  1969-S 1C Doubled Die Obverse1C 
  1970-S 1C Large Date1C 
  1970-S 1C Small Date1C 
  1970-S 1C Double Die Obverse1C 
  1971-S 1C1C 
  1972-S 1C1C 
  1973-S 1C1C 
  1974-S 1C1C 
38751912-S 5C5C 
39171913-S 5C Type 15C 
39231913-S 5C Type 25C 
39261914-S 5C5C 
39291915-S 5C5C 
39331916-S 5C5C 
39361917-S 5C5C 
39401918-S 5C5C 
39431919-S 5C5C 
39461920-S 5C5C 
  1921-S 5C5C 
39501923-S 5C5C 
39531924-S 5C5C 
39561925-S 5C5C 
39591926-S 5C5C 
39621927-S 5C5C 
39651928-S 5C5C 
39681929-S 5C5C 
39701930-S 5C5C 
39711931-S 5C5C 
39761935-S 5C5C 
39791936-S 5C5C 
39831937-S 5C5C 
  1938-S 5C5C 
40061939-S 5C Reverse of 19385CMS6649639496167U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem, 1939-S, Reverse of 1938, MS66, Ex Omaha Bank Hoard
  1939-S 5C Reverse of 19405C 
  1940-S 5C5C 
  1941-S 5C5C 
  1942-S 5C5C 
  1943-S 5C5C 
  1944-S 5C5C 
  1945-S 5C5C 
  1946-S 5C5C 
  1947-S 5C5C 
  1948-S 5C5C 
  1949-S 5C5C 
  1951-S 5C5C 
  1952-S 5C5C 
  1953-S 5C5C 
  1954-S 5C5C 
  1954-S/D 5C5C 
  1968-S 5C5C 
  1969-S 5C5C 
  1970-S 5C5C 
43831863-S H10CH10C 
43851864-S H10CH10C 
43871865-S H10CH10C 
43891866-S H10CH10C 
43911867-S H10CH10C 
43931868-S H10CH10C 
43951869-S H10CH10C 
43991871-S H10CH10C 
  1872-S H10C Mintmark BelowH10C 
44021872-S H10C Mintmark AboveH10C 
44051873-S H10CH10C 
46131856-S 10C10C 
46181858-S 10C10C 
46211859-S 10C10C 
46221860-S 10C10C 
46341861-S 10C10C 
46361862-S 10C10C 
46381863-S 10C10C 
46401864-S 10C10C 
46421865-S 10C10C 
46441866-S 10C10C 
46461867-S 10C10C 
46481868-S 10C10C 
46501869-S 10C10C 
46521870-S 10C10C 
46551871-S 10C10C 
46581872-S 10C10C 
46671873-S 10C Arrows10C 
46701874-S 10C Arrows10C 
46761875-S 10C Mintmark Below10C 
46771875-S 10C Mintmark Above10C 
46811876-S 10C10C 
46841877-S 10C10C 
46931884-S 10C10C 
46951885-S 10C10C 
46971886-S 10C10C 
  1887-S 10C10C 
  1888-S 10C10C 
47031889-S 10C10C 
  1890-S 10C10C 
  1891-S 10C10C 
47981892-S 10C10C 
  1893-S 10C10C 
  1895-S 10C10C 
48111896-S 10C10C 
48141897-S 10C10C 
48171898-S 10C10C 
48201899-S 10C10C 
48231900-S 10C10C 
48261901-S 10C10C 
48291902-S 10C10C 
48321903-S 10C10C 
48341904-S 10C10C 
48371905-S 10C10C 
  1906-S 10C10C 
48451907-S 10C10C 
48491908-S 10C10C 
48531909-S 10C10C 
48561910-S 10C10C 
48591911-S 10C10C 
  1912-S 10C10C 
48641913-S 10C10C 
48671914-S 10C10C 
48691915-S 10C10C 
48711916-S 10C10C 
  1916-S 10C10C 
  1917-S 10C10C 
  1918-S 10C10C 
  1919-S 10C10C 
  1920-S 10C10C 
  1923-S 10C10C 
  1924-S 10C10C 
  1925-S 10C10C 
  1926-S 10C10C 
  1927-S 10C10C 
  1928-S 10C10C 
  1929-S 10C10C 
  1930-S 10C10C 
  1931-S 10C10C 
  1935-S 10C10C 
  1936-S 10C10C 
  1937-S 10C10C 
  1938-S 10C10C 
  1939-S 10C10C 
50261940-S 10C10CMS6590716169173468U.S.A., Mercury 10 Cent MS65 Bright White Gem
  1941-S 10C10C 
  1942-S 10C10C 
  1943-S 10C10C 
50541944-S 10C10CMS66241449424144327U.S.A., Mercury 10 Cent MS66, Bright White Gem
50601945-S 10C10CMS66297546929752093U.S.A., Mercury 10 Cent MS66, GEM BU
  1945-S 10C Micro S10C 
  1946-S 10C10C 
  1947-S 10C10C 
  1948-S 10C10C 
  1949-S 10C10C 
  1950-S 10C10C 
  1951-S 10C10C 
  1952-S 10C10C 
  1953-S 10C10C 
  1954-S 10C10C 
  1955-S 10C10C 
52981875-S 20C20C 
54371855-S 25C Arrows25C 
  1856-S 25C25C 
54441857-S 25C25C 
54471858-S 25C25C 
54501859-S 25C25C 
54531860-S 25C25C 
54551861-S 25C25C 
54571862-S 25C25C 
54601864-S 25C25C 
54621865-S 25C25C 
54691866-S 25C25C 
54711867-S 25C25C 
54731868-S 25C25C 
54751869-S 25C25C 
54801871-S 25C25C 
54931873-S 25C Arrows25C 
54951874-S 25C Arrows25C 
55001875-S 25C25C 
55031876-S 25C25C 
55061877-S 25C25C 
  1877-S/S 25C S/Horizontal S25C 
55101878-S 25C25C 
55211888-S 25C25C 
55261891-S 25C25C 
  1892-S 25C25C 
56061893-S 25C25C 
56091894-S 25C25C 
56121895-S 25C25C 
56151896-S 25C25C 
56181897-S 25C25C 
56211898-S 25C25C 
56241899-S 25C25C 
56271900-S 25C25C 
56301901-S 25C25C 
56331902-S 25C25C 
56361903-S 25C25C 
56411905-S 25C25C 
  1907-S 25C25C 
56521908-S 25C25C 
56561909-S 25C25C 
56611911-S 25C25C 
56631912-S 25C25C 
56661913-S 25C25C 
56691914-S 25C25C 
56721915-S 25C25C 
  1917-S 25C Type 125C 
  1917-S 25C Type 225C 
  1918-S 25C25C 
  1918/7-S 25C25C 
  1919-S 25C25C 
  1920-S 25C25C 
  1923-S 25C25C 
  1924-S 25C25C 
  1926-S 25C25C 
  1927-S 25C25C 
  1928-S 25C25C 
  1929-S 25C25C 
  1930-S 25C25C 
57921932-S 25C25C 
57991935-S 25C25C 
58021936-S 25C25C 
58051937-S 25C25C 
58071938-S 25C25C 
  1939-S 25C25C 
58131940-S 25C25C 
  1941-S 25C25C 
58191942-S 25C25C 
  1943-S 25C25C 
  1943-S 25C Doubled Die Obverse25C 
  1944-S 25C25C 
  1945-S 25C25C 
  1946-S 25C25C 
  1947-S 25C25C 
  1948-S 25C25C 
  1950-S 25C25C 
  1950-S/D 25C25C 
58481951-S 25C25C 
  1952-S 25C25C 
58541953-S 25C25C 
58571954-S 25C25C 
  1976-S 25C SILVER  
  2012-S 25C El Yunque NP25C 
  2012-S 25C Chaco Culture NP25C 
  2012-S 25C Acadia NP25C 
  2012-S 25C Hawaii Volcanoes NP25C 
  2012-S 25C Denali NP25C 
  2013-S 25C White Mountain NP25C 
  2013-S 25C Perry's Memorial 25C 
  2013-S 25C Great Basin NP25C 
  2013-S 25C Fort McHenry NP25C 
  2013-S 25C Mount Rushmore NP25C 
  2014-S 25C Everglades NP25C 
  2014-S 25C Great Sand Dunes NP25C 
  2014-S 25C Arches NP25C 
  2014-S 25C Shenandoah NP25C 
  2014-S 25C Great Smokey Mtns NP25C 
  2015-S 25C Homestead NP25C 
  2015-S 25C Kisatchie NP25C 
  2015-S 25C Blue Ridge Parkway NP25C 
  2015-S 25C Bombay Hook NP25C 
  2015-S 25C Saratoga NP25C 
  2016-S 25C Shawnee NP25C 
  2016-S 25C Cumberland Gap NP25C 
  2016-S 25C Harpers Ferry NP25C 
  2016-S 25C Theodore Roosevelt NP25C 
  2016-S 25C Fort Moultrie NP25C 
62841855-S 50C Arrows50C 
62891856-S 50C50C 
62921857-S 50C50C 
62951858-S 50C50C 
62981859-S 50C50C 
63011860-S 50C50C 
63061861-S 50C50C 
63081862-S 50C50C 
63101863-S 50C50C 
63121864-S 50C50C 
63141865-S 50C50C 
63151866-S 50C No Motto50C 
63201866-S 50C Motto50C 
63221867-S 50C50C 
63241868-S 50C50C 
63261869-S 50C50C 
63291870-S 50C50C 
63321871-S 50C50C 
63351872-S 50C50C 
63451873-S 50C Arrows50C 
63481874-S 50C Arrows50C 
63511875-S 50C50C 
63541876-S 50C50C 
63571877-S 50C50C 
63601878-S 50C50C 
64641892-S 50C50C 
64671893-S 50C50C 
64701894-S 50C50C 
64731895-S 50C50C 
64761896-S 50C50C 
64791897-S 50C50C 
64821898-S 50C50C 
64851899-S 50C50C 
64881900-S 50C50C 
64911901-S 50C50C 
64941902-S 50C50C 
64971903-S 50C50C 
65001904-S 50C50C 
65031905-S 50C50C 
65071906-S 50C50C 
65111907-S 50C50C 
65151908-S 50C50C 
  1909-S 50C50C 
65201910-S 50C50C 
  1911-S 50C50C 
65261912-S 50C50C 
65291913-S 50C50C 
65311914-S 50C50C 
65341915-S 50C50C 
65681916-S 50C50C 
65721917-S 50C Obverse50C 
65731917-S 50C Reverse50C 
65761918-S 50C50C 
65791919-S 50C50C 
65821920-S 50C50C 
65851921-S 50C50C 
65861923-S 50C50C 
65871927-S 50C50C 
65881928-S 50C50C 
65901929-S 50C50C 
65911933-S 50C50C 
65941934-S 50C50C 
65971935-S 50C50C 
  1936-S 50C50C 
66031937-S 50C50C 
66081939-S 50C50C 
66101940-S 50C50C 
  1941-S 50C50C 
66171942-S 50C50C 
66201943-S 50C50C 
  1944-S 50C50C 
66261945-S 50C50CMS6611392091139209U.S.A., Superb Brilliant Gem 1945-S Walker Half Dollar
66291946-S 50C50C 
  1949-S 50C50C 
  1951-S 50C50C 
  1952-S 50C50C 
  1953-S 50C50C 
  1954-S 50C50C 
67281976-S 50C Silver50CMS6726694202680421U.S.A., Kennedy Silver Half Dollar, 1976-S, PCGS MS-67
67751998-S 50C SMS50C 
  2014-S 50C Silver50C 
69481859-S $1$1 
69651870-S $1$1 
69701872-S $1$1 
70331873-S T$1T$1 
70361874-S T$1T$1 
70391875-S T$1T$1 
  1875-S/CC T$1T$1 
  1876-S T$1T$1 
  1877-S T$1T$1 
  1878-S T$1T$1 
  1878-S $1$1 
70921879-S $1$1MS667498197474982047U.S.A. $1 Morgan 1879-S, Gorgeous
  1879-S $1 Reverse of 1878$1 
71181880-S $1$1MS66104922984105053227U.S.A. $1 Morgan 1880-S, Gorgeous
  1880-S $1 80/79$1 
71221880/9-S $1$1MS64100295211011195U.S.A. $1 Morgan 1880/9 S PCGS MS64, Looks ProofLike
71301881-S $1$1MS66137042900137053007U.S.A. $1 Morgan 1881-S, Gorgeous White PCGS MS66.
71401882-S $1$1MS664940123149401240U.S.A. $1 Morgan 1882-S, Gorgeous Luster, Old Green Holder
  1883-S $1$1 
  1884-S $1$1 
  1885-S $1$1 
  1886-S $1$1 
  1887-S $1$1 
  1888-S $1$1 
  1889-S $1$1 
  1890-S $1$1 
72101891-S $1$1MS65508126510131U.S.A. $1 Morgan 1891-S, Gorgeous Luster, GEM
  1892-S $1$1 
  1893-S $1$1 
  1894-S $1$1 
  1895-S $1$1 
  1896-S $1$1 
  1897-S $1$1 
  1898-S $1$1 
  1899-S $1$1 
  1900-S $1$1 
  1901-S $1$1 
  1902-S $1$1 
  1903-S $1$1 
  1903-S $1 Micro S$1 
  1904-S $1$1 
  1921-S $1$1 
  1922-S $1$1 
  1923-S $1$1 
  1924-S $1$1 
  1925-S $1$1 
  1926-S $1$1 
  1927-S $1$1 
  1928-S $1$1 
  1934-S $1$1 
  1935-S $1$1 
  1971-S $1 SILVER$1 
74111972-S $1 SILVER$1MS68187042187042U.S.A., $1 Ike Silver, PCGS MS68, 1972-S, Superb Gem
74141973-S $1 SILVER$1MS6741829624182962U.S.A., $1 Ike Silver, PCGS MS67, 1973-S, Superb Gem
74171974-S $1 SILVER$1MS674962116049621160U.S.A., $1 Ike Silver, PCGS MS67, 1974-S, Superb Gem
74221976-S $1 SILVER$1MS6878207820U.S.A., $1 Ike Silver, PCGS MS68, 1976-S, Superb Gem, Tied for Finest
95731979-S SBA$1SBA$1 
95761980-S SBA$1SBA$1 
95801981-S SBA$1SBA$1 
  2016-S Native American $1$1 
75271854-S G$1G$1 
  1856-S G$1G$1 
75471857-S G$1G$1 
75501858-S G$1G$1 
75541859-S G$1G$1 
75571860-S G$1G$1 
75701870-S G$1G$1 
77731854-S $2-1/2$2.50 
77811856-S $2-1/2$2.50 
77851857-S $2-1/2$2.50 
77901859-S $2-1/2$2.50 
77931860-S $2-1/2$2.50 
77951861-S $2-1/2$2.50 
77981862-S $2-1/2$2.50 
77991863-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78021865-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78041866-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78061867-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78081868-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78101869-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78121870-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78141871-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78161872-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78201873-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78231875-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78251876-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78271877-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78291878-S $2-1/2$2.50 
78311879-S $2-1/2$2.50 
79731855-S $3$3 
79751856-S $3$3 
79771857-S $3$3 
79811860-S $3$3 
79921870-S $3$3 
82601854-S $5$5 
82651855-S $5$5 
82701856-S $5$5 
82751857-S $5$5 
82791858-S $5$5 
82831859-S $5$5 
82871860-S $5$5 
82911861-S $5$5 
82931862-S $5$5 
82951863-S $5$5 
82971864-S $5$5 
82991865-S $5$5 
83001866-S $5 No Motto$5 
83121866-S $5 Motto$5 
83141867-S $5$5 
83161868-S $5$5 
83181869-S $5$5 
83211870-S $5$5 
83241871-S $5$5 
83271872-S $5$5 
83321873-S $5$5 
  1874-S $5$5 
83381875-S $5$5 
83411876-S $5$5 
83441877-S $5$5 
83471878-S $5$5 
83501879-S $5$5 
83531880-S $5$5 
83571881-S $5$5 
83601882-S $5$5 
83631883-S $5$5 
83661884-S $5$5 
83681885-S $5$5 
83701886-S $5$5 
83711887-S $5$5 
83731888-S $5$5 
83821892-S $5$5 
83861893-S $5$5 
83891894-S $5$5 
83911895-S $5$5 
83931896-S $5$5 
83951897-S $5$5 
83971898-S $5$5 
83991899-S $5$5 
84011900-S $5$5 
  1901-S $5$5 
  1901/0-S $5$5 
84061902-S $5$5 
84081903-S $5$5 
84101904-S $5$5 
  1905-S $5$5 
84151906-S $5$5 
85121908-S $5$5 
85161909-S $5$5 
85191910-S $5$5AU58215259215259U.S.A., Gold $5 Indian dated 1910-S, PCGS AU58, Cert# 27200081. Very PQ for...
  1911-S $5$5 
85241912-S $5$5 
85261913-S $5$5 
85291914-S $5$5 
85311915-S $5$5 
85321916-S $5$5 
  1854-S $10$10 
86181855-S $10$10 
86211856-S $10$10 
86241857-S $10$10 
86271858-S $10$10 
86301859-S $10$10 
86321860-S $10$10 
86341861-S $10$10 
86361862-S $10$10 
86381863-S $10$10 
86401864-S $10$10 
86421865-S $10$10 
86431865-S $10 865/Inverted 186$10 
86441866-S $10 No Motto$10 
86501866-S $10 Motto$10 
86521867-S $10$10 
86541868-S $10$10 
86561869-S $10$10 
86591870-S $10$10 
86621871-S $10$10 
86651872-S $10$10 
86681873-S $10$10 
86711874-S $10$10 
86761876-S $10$10 
86791877-S $10$10 
86821878-S $10$10 
86861879-S $10$10 
86901880-S $10$10 
86941881-S $10$10 
86981882-S $10$10 
  1883-S $10$10 
87051884-S $10$10 
87071885-S $10$10 
87091886-S $10$10 
87111887-S $10$10 
87141888-S $10$10 
  1889-S $10$10 
87241892-S $10$10 
87281893-S $10$10 
87311894-S $10$10 
87341895-S $10$10 
87361896-S $10$10 
87391897-S $10$10 
87411898-S $10$10 
87441899-S $10$10 
87461900-S $10$10 
87491901-S $10$10 
87511902-S $10$10 
87541903-S $10$10 
87581905-S $10$10 
87621906-S $10$10 
87651907-S $10$10 
88611908-S $10$10 
88641909-S $10$10 
88671910-S $10$10 
88701911-S $10$10 
88721912-S $10$10 
88741913-S $10$10 
88771914-S $10$10 
88791915-S $10$10 
88801916-S $10$10 
88811920-S $10$10 
88831930-S $10$10 
  1854-S $20$20 
  1855-S $20$20 
  1856-S $20$20 
  1857-S $20$20 
89251858-S $20$20 
  1859-S $20$20 
89311860-S $20$20 
89351861-S $20$20 
89361861-S $20 Paquet$20 
89381862-S $20$20 
89401863-S $20$20 
89421864-S $20$20 
89441865-S $20$20 
89451866-S $20 No Motto$20 
  1866-S $20 Motto$20 
89521867-S $20$20 
89541868-S $20$20 
89561869-S $20$20 
89591870-S $20$20 
  1871-S $20$20 
89651872-S $20$20 
89691873-S $20 Closed 3$20 
89791873-S $20 Open 3$20 
89721874-S $20$20 
  1875-S $20$20 
89781876-S $20$20 
89841877-S $20$20 
89871878-S $20$20 
89911879-S $20$20 
89931880-S $20$20 
89951881-S $20$20 
89981882-S $20$20 
  1883-S $20$20 
90021884-S $20$20 
90051885-S $20$20 
90071887-S $20$20 
90091888-S $20$20 
90121889-S $20$20 
90151890-S $20$20 
90181891-S $20$20 
90211892-S $20$20 
90241893-S $20$20 
90261894-S $20$20 
90281895-S $20$20 
90301896-S $20$20 
90321897-S $20$20 
90341898-S $20$20MS633486158234861582U.S.A., $20 Gold Liberty Dated 1898-S, PCGS MS63, Lovely Even Amber Tone.
90361899-S $20$20 
90381900-S $20$20 
90401901-S $20$20 
90421902-S $20$20 
90441903-S $20$20 
90461904-S $20$20 
90481905-S $20$20 
90511906-S $20$20 
90541907-S $20$20 
91491908-S $20$20 
  1909-S $20$20 
91561910-S $20$20 
91591911-S $20$20 
91631913-S $20$20 
91661914-S $20$20 
91681915-S $20$20 
91691916-S $20$20 
91711920-S $20$20 
91741922-S $20$20 
91791924-S $20$20 
91821925-S $20$20 
91851926-S $20$20 
91881927-S $20$20 
91911930-S $20$20