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Silver, Gold & Platinum Eagles Complete Set with First StrikesTM, Circulation Strikes and Proof (1986-present): Spencer Collection

Spencer Collection - 16th

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Rank 16
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 69.174
Complete 3.22%
Set Rating 0.916
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Spencer Collection
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
98011986 S$1$1MS691372613214864147U.S.A. 1986 Silver Eagle, First Year of Type
  1987 S$1$1 
  1988 S$1$1 
  1989 S$1$1 
  1990 S$1$1 
  1991 S$1$1 
98561992 S$1$1MS697073673236U.S.A. 1992 Silver Eagle
  1993 S$1$1 
  1994 S$1$1 
  1995 S$1$1 
  1996 S$1$1 
  1997 S$1$1 
  1998 S$1$1 
99471999 S$1$1MS694996952469U.S.A. 1999 Silver Eagle
  2000 S$1$1 
  2001 S$1$1 
899592002 S$1$1MS692377917218199U.S.A. 2002 Silver Eagle, First Strike Designation
99642003 S$1$1MS6912182919183881018U.S.A. 2003 Silver Eagle, MS69
  2004 S$1$1 
899752005 S$1 First Strike $1MS6942719445427191025U.S.A. 2005 Silver Eagle, First Strike Designation
  2005 S$1$1 
899812006 S$1 First Strike$1MS69139923713139923713U.S.A. 2006 Silver Eagle, First Strike Designation
  2006 S$1$1 
899912006-W S$1 First Strike$1 
  2006-W S$1$1 
99952007 S$1 First Strike$1MS691526041415260414U.S.A. 2007 Silver Eagle, First Strike Designation
  2007 S$1$1 
1504462007-W S$1 First Strike$1SP703684036840U.S.A. 2007-W Silver Eagle, PCGS MS70, First Strike
1504452007-W S$1$1 
3930952008 S$1 First Strike$1 
  2008 S$1$1 
  2008-W S$1 First Strike$1 
  2008-W S$1$1 
3964372008-W S$1 Reverse of 2007 First Strike$1 
3964112008-W S$1 Reverse of 2007$1 
4044242009 S$1 First Strike$1MS691113721972511137219725U.S.A. 2009 Silver Eagle, First Strike Designation
  2009 S$1$1 
4155332010 S$1 First Strike$1MS6915723258321572325844U.S.A. 2010 Silver Eagle, First Strike Designation
  2010 S$1$1 
5094082011 S$1 First Strike$1MS69675280092969780594U.S.A. 2011 Silver Eagle, 25th Anniversary Set, First Strike, 12th Chief En...
  2011 S$1$1 
5092992011-S S$1 First Strike$1 
5091892011-S S$1$1MS697307818473078184U.S.A. 2011-S Silver Eagle, 25th Anniversary Set, First Strike, 12th Chief ...
5094092011-W S$1 First Strike$1SP6964707982884811084U.S.A. 2011-W Silver Eagle, 25th Anniversary Set, First Strike, 12th Chief ...
  2011-W S$1$1 
  2012 S$1 First Strike$1 
  2012 S$1$1 
  2012-W S$1 First Strike$1 
  2012-W S$1$1 
5159182013 S$1 First Strike$1MS70186900618480U.S.A. 2013-(S) Silver Eagle, San Francisco Mint, First Strike, MS70
  2013 S$1$1 
  2013-W S$1 First Strike$1 
  2013-W S$1$1 
  2013-W S$1 Enhanced Mint State First Strike$1 
5179552013-W S$1 Enhanced Mint State$1 
  2014 S$1 First Strike$1 
  2014 S$1$1 
  2014-W S$1 First Strike$1 
  2014-W S$1$1 
  2015 S$1 First Strike$1 
  2015 S$1$1 
  2015-W S$1 First Strike$1 
  2015-W S$1$1 
  2016 S$1 First Strike$1 
  2016 S$1$1 
  2016-W S$1 First Strike$1 
  2016-W S$1$1 
98031986 G$5$5 
98101987 G$5$5 
98181988 G$5$5 
98281989 G$5$5 
98381990 G$5$5 
98481991 G$5$5 
98581992 G$5$5 
98681993 G$5$5 
98781994 G$5$5 
98881995 G$5$5 
99021996 G$5$5 
99141997 G$5$5 
99311998 G$5$5 
99391999 G$5$5 
999401999-W G$5$5 
99502000 G$5$5 
99552001 G$5$5 
99602002 G$5$5 
99652003 G$5$5 
99712004 G$5$5 
899762005 G$5 First Strikes$5 
99762005 G$5$5 
899802006 G$5 First Strikes$5 
899852006 G$5$5 
799802006-W G$5$5 
1469102007 G$5 First Strike$5 
1469092007 G$5$5 
1504422007-W G$5 First Strike$5 
1504312007-W G$5$5 
3930972008 G$5 First Strike$5 
3930962008 G$5$5 
3930632008-W G$5 First Strike$5 
3930622008-W G$5$5 
4044312009 G$5 First Strike$5 
4044292009 G$5$5 
4155372010 G$5 First Strike$5 
  2010 G$5$5 
5052562011 G$5 First Strike$5 
5052232011 G$5$5 
5099072012 G$5 First Strike$5 
5099082012 G$5$5 
  2013 G$5 First Strike$5 
  2013 G$5$5 
5219152014 G$5 First Strike$5 
  2014 G$5$5 
  2015 G$5 First Strike$5 
  2015 G$5$5 
  2016 G$5 First Strike$5 
  2016 G$5$5 
98041986 G$10$10 
98111987 G$10$10 
98201988 G$10$10 
98301989 G$10$10 
98401990 G$10$10 
98501991 G$10$10 
98601992 G$10$10 
98701993 G$10$10 
98801994 G$10$10 
98901995 G$10$10 
99041996 G$10$10 
99161997 G$10$10 
99331998 G$10$10 
99411999 G$10$10 
999421999-W G$10$10 
99512000 G$10$10 
99562001 G$10$10 
99612002 G$10$10 
99662003 G$10$10 
99722004 G$10$10 
899772005 G$10 First Strike$10 
99772005 G$10$10 
899822006 G$10 First Strike$10 
899862006 G$10$10 
799822006-W G$10$10 
1469172007 G$10 First Strike$10 
1469162007 G$10$10 
1504412007-W G$10 First Strike$10 
1504292007-W G$10$10 
3930992008 G$10 First Strike$10 
3930982008 G$10$10 
3930652008-W G$10 First Strike$10 
3930642008-W G$10$10 
4044352009 G$10 First Strike$10 
4044342009 G$10 $10 
4155392010 G$10 First Strike$10 
4155382010 G$10$10 
5052592011 G$10 First Strike$10 
5052262011 G$10$10 
5099052012 G$10 First Strike$10 
5099062012 G$10$10 
  2013 G$10 First Strike$10 
  2013 G$10 $10 
5219172014 G$10 First Strike$10 
  2014 G$10$10 
  2015 G$10 First Strike$10 
5359782015 G$10$10 
  2016 G$10 First Strike$10 
  2016 G$10$10 
98051986 G$25$25 
98121987 G$25$25 
98221988 G$25$25 
98321989 G$25$25 
98421990 G$25$25 
98521991 G$25$25 
98621992 G$25$25 
98721993 G$25$25 
98821994 G$25$25 
98921995 G$25$25 
99061996 G$25$25 
99181997 G$25$25 
99351998 G$25$25 
99431999 G$25$25 
99522000 G$25$25 
99572001 G$25$25 
99622002 G$25$25 
99672003 G$25$25 
99732004 G$25$25 
899782005 G$25 First Strike$25 
99782005 G$25$25 
899832006 G$25 First Strike$25 
899872006 G$25$25 
799832006-W G$25$25 
1469192007 G$25 First Strike$25 
1469182007 G$25$25 
1504432007-W G$25 First Strike$25 
1504302007-W G$25$25 
3931012008 G$25 First Strike$25 
3931002008 G$25$25 
3930672008-W G$25 First Strike$25 
3930662008-W G$25$25 
4044392009 G$25 First Strike$25 
4044382009 G$25$25 
4155412010 G$25 First Strike$25 
4155402010 G$25$25 
5052622011 G$25 First Strike$25 
5052292011 G$25$25 
5099032012 G$25 First Strike$25 
5099042012 G$25$25 
  2013 G$25 First Strike$25 
  2013 G$25$25 
5219192014 G$25 First Strike$25 
  2014 G$25$25 
  2015 G$25 First Strike$25 
5359792015 G$25$25 
  2016 G$25 First Strike$25 
  2016 G$25$25 
98061986 G$50$50 
98141987 G$50$50 
98241988 G$50$50 
98341989 G$50$50 
98441990 G$50$50 
98541991 G$50$50 
98641992 G$50$50 
98741993 G$50$50 
98841994 G$50$50 
98941995 G$50$50 
99081996 G$50$50 
99271997 G$50$50 
99371998 G$50$50 
99451999 G$50$50 
99532000 G$50$50 
99582001 G$50$50 
99632002 G$50$50 
99682003 G$50$50 
99742004 G$50$50 
899792005 G$50 First Strike$50 
99792005 G$50$50 
899842006 G$50 First Strike$50 
899882006 G$50$50 
899932006-W G$50 First Strike$50 
899922006-W G$50$50 
1469212007 G$50 First Strike$50 
1469202007 G$50$50 
1504442007-W G$50 First Strike$50 
1504322007-W G$50$50 
3931032008 G$50 First Strike$50 
3931022008 G$50$50 
3930692008-W G$50 First Strike$50 
3930682008-W G$50$50 
4044432009 G$50 First Strike$50 
4044422009 G$50$50 
4155432010 G$50 First Strike$50 
4155422010 G$50$50 
5052652011 G$50 First Strike$50 
5052322011 G$50$50 
5052672011-W G$50 First Strike$50 
5052662011-W G$50$50 
5097742012 G$50 First Strike$50 
5097732012 G$50$50 
5147122012-W G$50 First Strike$50 
5146732012-W G$50$50 
  2013 G$50 First Strike$50 
  2013 G$50$50 
5188322013-W G$50 First Strike$50 
5188312013-W G$50$50 
5219212014 G$50 First Strike$50 
  2014 G$50$50 
  2014-W G$50 First Strike$50 
  2014-W G$50$50 
  2015 G$50 First Strike$50 
5359802015 G$50$50 
  2015-W G$50 First Strike$50 
5428482015-W G$50$50 
  2016 G$50 First Strike$50 
  2016 G$50$50 
  2016-W G$50 First Strike$50 
  2016-W G$50$50 
997541997 P$10$10 
97651998 P$10$10 
97731999 P$10$10 
97792000 P$10$10 
97862001 P$10$10 
97942002 P$10$10 
211002003 P$10$10 
211042004 P$10$10 
8211082005 P$10 First Strike$10 
211082005 P$10$10 
8211122006 P$10 First Strike$10 
8211162006 P$10$10 
211212006-W P$10 First Strike$10 
211252006-W P$10$10 
1469232007 P$10 First Strike$10 
1469222007 P$10$10 
1504342007-W P$10 First Strike$10 
1504332007-W P$10$10 
3931052008 P$10 First Strike$10 
3931042008 P$10$10 
3930792008-W P$10 First Strike$10 
3930782008-W P$10$10 
997531997 P$25$25 
97661998 P$25$25 
97741999 P$25$25 
97802000 P$25$25 
97872001 P$25$25 
97952002 P$25$25 
211012003 P$25$25 
211052004 P$25$25 
8211092005 P$25 First Strike$25 
211092005 P$25$25 
8211132006 P$25 First Strike$25 
8211172006 P$25$25 
211222006-W P$25 First Strike$25 
211262006-W P$25$25 
1469252007 P$25 First Strike$25 
1469242007 P$25$25 
1504362007-W P$25 First Strike$25 
1504352007-W P$25$25 
3931072008 P$25 First Strike$25 
3931062008 P$25 $25 
3930812008-W P$25 First Strike$25 
3930802008-W P$25$25 
997521997 P$50$50 
97671998 P$50$50 
97751999 P$50$50 
97812000 P$50$50 
97882001 P$50$50 
97962002 P$50$50 
211022003 P$50$50 
211062004 P$50$50 
8211102005 P$50 First Strike$50 
211102005 P$50$50 
8211142006 P$50 First Strike$50 
8211182006 P$50$50 
211232006-W P$50 First Strike$50 
211272006-W P$50$50 
1469262007 P$50 First Strike$50 
1469272007 P$50$50 
1504382007-W P$50 First Strike$50 
1504372007-W P$50$50 
3931092008 P$50 First Strike$50 
3931082008 P$50$50 
3930832008-W P$50 First Strike$50 
3930822008-W P$50$50 
997511997 P$100$100 
97681998 P$100$100 
97761999 P$100$100 
97822000 P$100$100 
97892001 P$100$100 
97972002 P$100$100 
211032003 P$100$100 
211072004 P$100$100 
8211112005 P$100 First Strike$100 
211112005 P$100$100 
8211152006 P$100 First Strike$100 
8211192006 P$100$100 
211242006-W P$100 First Strike$100 
211282006-W P$100$100 
1469292007 P$100 First Strike$100 
1469282007 P$100$100 
1504402007-W P$100 First Strike$100 
1504392007-W P$100$100 
3931112008 P$100 First Strike$100 
3931102008 P$100$100 
3930852008-W P$100 First Strike$100 
3930842008-W P$100$100 
  2014 P$100 First Strike$100 
  2014 P$100 $100 
  2016 P$100 First Strike$100 
  2016 P$100$100 
98021986-S S$1 PR$1PR69DC171032733173282767U.S.A., Silver Eagle Proof, PCGS PR-69DCAM dated 1986-S
  1987-S S$1 PR$1 
  1988-S S$1 PR$1 
  1989-S S$1 PR$1 
98371990-S S$1 PR$1 
98471991-S S$1 PR$1 
98571992-S S$1 PR$1 
98671993-P S$1 PR$1 
98771994-P S$1 PR$1 
98961995-P S$1 PR$1 
  1995-W S$1 PR$1 
99101996-P S$1 PR$1 
99131997-P S$1 PR$1 
99301998-P S$1 PR$1 
99481999-P S$1 PR$1 
999492000-P S$1 PR$1 
999542001-W S$1 PR$1 
  2002-W S$1 PR$1 
  2003-W S$1 PR$1 
999702004-W S$1 PR$1 
8999752005-W S$1 PR First Strike$1 
999752005-W S$1 PR$1 
8999772006-P S$1 REV PR First Strike$1 
7999772006-P S$1 REV PR$1PR69137152953138063011U.S.A. 2006-P Silver Eagle, Reverse Proof, 20th Anniversary
  2006-W S$1 PR First Strike$1 
899982006-W S$1 PR$1PR69DC91611492188686052U.S.A. 2006-P Silver Eagle, Deep Cameo Proof, 20th Anniversary
1495722007-W S$1 PR First Strike$1 
1495712007-W S$1 PR$1 
3930612008-W S$1 PR First Strike$1 
3930592008-W S$1 PR$1 
  2010-W S$1 PR First Strike$1 
4155342010-W S$1 PR$1 
5091942011-P S$1 REV PR First Strike$1PR697141833271418332U.S.A. 2011-P Silver Eagle Reverse Proof, 25th Anniversary Set, First Strik...
5091922011-P S$1 REV PR$1 
5094102011-W S$1 PR First Strike$1PR69DC659281741024212582U.S.A. 2011-W Silver Eagle Proof, 25th Anniversary Set, First Strike, 12th ...
  2011-W S$1 PR$1 
5130942012-S S$1 PR First Strike$1 
5130932012-S S$1 PR $1 
5130962012-S S$1 Rev PR First Strike$1 
5130952012-S S$1 Rev PR $1 
  2012-W S$1 PR First Strike$1 
  2012-W S$1 PR$1 
  2013-W S$1 First Strike PR$1 
  2013-W S$1 PR$1 
  2013-W S$1 REV PR First Strike$1 
  2013-W S$1 REV PR$1 
  2014-W S$1 PR First Strike$1 
  2014-W S$1 PR $1 
  2015-W S$1 PR First Strike  
  2015-W S$1 PR$1 
  2016-W S$1 PR First Strike$1 
  2016-W S$1 PR$1 
98191988-P G$5 PR$5 
98291989-P G$5 PR$5 
98391990-P G$5 PR$5 
98491991-P G$5 PR$5 
98591992-P G$5 PR$5 
98691993-P G$5 PR$5 
98791994-W G$5 PR$5 
  1995-W G$5 PR$5 
99031996-W G$5 PR$5 
99151997-W G$5 PR$5 
99321998-W G$5 PR$5 
99401999-W G$5 PR$5 
999502000-W G$5 PR$5 
999552001-W G$5 PR$5 
999602002-W G$5 PR$5 
  2003-W G$5 PR$5 
  2004-W G$5 PR$5 
  2005-W G$5 PR$5 
999802006-W G$5 PR First Strike$5 
999852006-W G$5 PR$5 
1480772007-W G$5 PR First Strike$5 
1480762007-W G$5 PR$5 
3930712008-W G$5 PR First Strike$5 
3930702008-W G$5 PR$5 
5027402010-W G$5 PR First Strike$5 
5027392010-W G$5 PR$5 
5052252011-W G$5 PR First Strike$5 
5052242011-W G$5 PR$5 
5121062012-W G$5 PR First Strike$5 
5121052012-W G$5 PR$5 
  2013-W G$5 PR First Strike$5 
  2013-W G$5 PR$5 
5270922014-W G$5 PR First Strike$5 
  2014-W G$5 PR$5 
  2015-W G$5 PR First Strike$5 
  2015-W G$5 PR$5 
  2016-W G$5 PR First Strike$5 
  2016-W G$5 PR$5 
98211988-P G$10 PR$10 
98311989-P G$10 PR$10 
98411990-P G$10 PR$10 
98511991-P G$10 PR$10 
98611992-P G$10 PR$10 
98711993-P G$10 PR$10 
98811994-W G$10 PR$10 
  1995-W G$10 PR$10 
99051996-W G$10 PR$10 
99171997-W G$10 PR$10 
99341998-W G$10 PR$10 
99421999-W G$10 PR$10 
999512000-W G$10 PR$10 
999562001-W G$10 PR$10 
999612002-W G$10 PR$10 
  2003-W G$10 PR$10 
  2004-W G$10 PR$10 
  2005-W G$10 PR$10 
999812006-W G$10 PR First Strike$10 
999862006-W G$10 PR$10 
1480792007-W G$10 PR First Strike$10 
1480782007-W G$10 PR$10 
3930732008-W G$10 PR First Strike$10 
3930722008-W G$10 PR$10 
5027422010-W G$10 PR First Strike$10 
5027412010-W G$10 PR$10 
5052282011-W G$10 PR First Strike$10 
5052272011-W G$10 PR$10 
5121082012-W G$10 PR First Strike$10 
5121072012-W G$10 PR$10 
  2013-W G$10 PR First Strike$10 
  2013-W G$10 PR$10 
  2014-W G$10 PR First Strike$10 
  2014-W G$10 PR$10 
  2015-W G$10 PR First Strike$10 
  2015-W G$10 $10 
  2016-W G$10 PR First Strike$10 
  2016-W G$10 PR$10 
98231988-P G$25 PR$25 
98131987-P G$25 PR$25PR69DC72822797282279USA, Proof One Half Ounce $25 Gold Eagle, PR69DCAM, Mirror Fields.
98331989-P G$25 PR$25 
98431990-P G$25 PR$25 
98531991-P G$25 PR$25 
98631992-P G$25 PR$25 
98731993-P G$25 PR$25 
98831994-W G$25 PR$25 
  1995-W G$25 PR$25 
99071996-W G$25 PR$25 
99191997-W G$25 PR$25 
99361998-W G$25 PR$25 
99441999-W G$25 PR$25 
999522000-W G$25 PR$25 
999572001-W G$25 PR$25 
999622002-W G$25 PR$25 
  2003-W G$25 PR$25 
  2004-W G$25 PR$25 
  2005-W G$25 PR$25 
999822006-W G$25 PR First Strike$25 
999872006-W G$25 PR$25 
1480812007-W G$25 PR First Strike$25 
1480802007-W G$25 PR$25 
3930752008-W G$25 PR First Strike$25 
3930742008-W G$25 PR$25 
5027442010-W G$25 PR First Strike$25 
5027432010-W G$25 PR$25 
5052312011-W G$25 PR First Strike$25 
5052302011-W G$25 PR$25 
5121102012-W G$25 PR First Strike$25 
5121092012-W G$25 PR$25 
  2013-W G$25 PR First Strike$25 
  2013-W G$25 PR$25 
5270962014-W G$25 PR First Strike$25 
  2014-W G$25 PR$25 
  2015-W G$25 PR First Strike$25 
5398992015-W G$25 PR$25 
  2016-W G$25 PR First Strike$25 
  2016-W G$25 PR$25 
  1986-W G$50 PR$50 
98151987-W G$50 PR$50 
98251988-W G$50 PR$50 
98351989-W G$50 PR$50 
98451990-W G$50 PR$50 
98551991-W G$50 PR$50 
98651992-W G$50 PR$50 
98751993-W G$50 PR$50 
98851994-W G$50 PR$50 
  1995-W G$50 PR$50 
99091996-W G$50 PR$50 
99281997-W G$50 PR$50 
99381998-W G$50 PR$50 
99461999-W G$50 PR$50 
999532000-W G$50 PR$50 
999582001-W G$50 PR$50 
999632002-W G$50 PR$50 
  2003-W G$50 PR$50 
  2004-W G$50 PR$50 
  2005-W G$50 PR$50 
  2006-W G$50 PR First Strike$50 
  2006-W G$50 PR$50 
899952006-W G$50 REV PR First Strike$50 
899942006-W G$50 REV PR$50 
1480832007-W G$50 PR First Strike$50 
1480822007-W G$50 PR$50 
3930772008-W G$50 PR First Strike$50 
3930762008-W G$50 PR$50 
4155452010-W G$50 PR First Strike$50 
4155442010-W G$50 PR$50 
5052342011-W G$50 PR First Strike$50 
5052332011-W G$50 PR$50 
5121122012-W G$50 PR First Strike$50 
5121112012-W G$50 PR$50 
  2013-W G$50 PR First Strike$50 
  2013-W G$50 PR$50 
5270982014-W G$50 PR First Strike$50 
  2014-W G$50 PR$50 
  2015-W G$50 PR First Strike$50 
5399022015-W G$50 PR$50 
  2016-W G$50 PR First Strike$50 
  2016-W G$50 PR$50 
97541997-W P$10 PR$10 
997651998-W P$10 PR$10 
997731999-W P$10 PR$10 
997792000-W P$10 PR$10 
997862001-W P$10 PR$10 
997942002-W P$10 PR$10 
9211002003-W P$10 PR$10 
  2004-W P$10 PR$10 
  2005-W P$10 PR$10 
9211122006-W P$10 PR First Strike$10 
9211162006-W P$10 PR$10 
1495742007-W P$10 PR First Strike$10 
1495732007-W P$10 PR$10 
3930872008-W P$10 PR First Strike$10 
3930862008-W P$10 PR$10 
  1997-W P$25 PR$25 
997661998-W P$25 PR$25 
997741999-W P$25 PR$25 
997802000-W P$25 PR$25 
997872001-W P$25 PR$25 
997952002-W P$25 PR$25 
9211012003-W P$25 PR$25 
  2004-W P$25 PR$25 
  2005-W P$25 PR$25 
9211132006-W P$25 PR First Strike$25 
9211172006-W P$25 PR$25 
1495762007-W P$25 PR First Strike$25 
1495752007-W P$25 PR$25 
3930892008-W P$25 PR First Strike$25 
3930882008-W P$25 PR$25 
97521997-W P$50 PR$50 
997671998-W P$50 PR$50 
997751999-W P$50 PR$50 
997812000-W P$50 PR$50 
997882001-W P$50 PR$50 
997962002-W P$50 PR$50 
9211022003-W P$50 PR$50 
  2004-W P$50 PR$50 
  2005-W P$50 PR$50 
9211142006-W P$50 PR First Strike$50 
9211182006-W P$50 PR$50 
  2007-W P$50 PR First Strike$50 
  2007-W P$50 PR$50 
3930562007-W P$50 REV PR First Strike$50 
3930552007-W P$50 REV PR $50 
3930912008-W P$50 PR First Strike$50 
3930902008-W P$50 PR $50 
97511997-W P$100 PR$100 
997681998-W P$100 PR$100 
997761999-W P$100 PR$100 
997822000-W P$100 PR$100 
997892001-W P$100 PR$100 
997972002-W P$100 PR$100 
9211032003-W P$100 PR$100 
  2004-W P$100 PR$100 
  2005-W P$100 PR$100 
9211152006-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
9211192006-W P$100 PR$100 
1495802007-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
1495792007-W P$100 PR$100 
3930932008-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
3930922008-W P$100 PR$100 
4044772009-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
4044762009-W P$100 PR$100 
4155472010-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
4155462010-W P$100 PR$100 
5077712011-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
5077702011-W P$100 PR$100 
5151512012-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
5151522012-W P$100 PR$100 
  2013-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
  2013-W P$100 PR$100 
5280862014-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
5280852014-W P$100 PR$100 
  2015-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
  2015-W P$100 PR$100 
  2016-W P$100 PR First Strike$100 
  2016-W P$100 PR$100