Sonoran Monsoon - 18th

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Rank 18
Weighted GPA 62.905
Complete 92.31%
Set Rating 54.573
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Sonoran Monsoon
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Owner's Comments
73561921$1MS644051162340761634The high relief Peace dollars of 1921 had significant strike problems, thi...
73821921 Matte$1 
73571922 $1MS668017680576Frosty luster. Strong strike. Virtually mark free.
73831922 Matte$1 
73581922-D $1MS643416148034241482Satin luster. Average strike. A few light marks.
73601923$1MS66+1365813658Silver frosty luster. Well struck. No notable marks other than a small ri...
73611923-D$1MS66914914Untoned. Reflective appearance adds to eye appeal. CAC sticker
73621923-S$1MS6420232582027258Satiny luster. Strike is a bit weak. very few marks.
73641924-S$1MS6412861731291173Rose toning at obverse edgee.
73651925$1MS657587209576152101A couple of dings above the nose and eye, otherwise fairly mark free. Sati...
73661925-S$1MS6418701621903163Slightly frosty luster. Average strike. Relatively few marks, compared to...
73671926$1MS6619762056Light steel-gray toning. Well struck. Old green holder. CAC sticker.
73681926-D$1MS65746233746233Satiny luster with strong cartwheels. Small area of luster grazes near obv...
73691926-S$1MS656829668897Frosty Luster. No major marks. Old green holder.
73701927$1MS6419433991959404Slightly frosty luster. Untoned, bright white. Strong strike. Several li...
73721927-S$1MS6414811681502170Frosty luster. Average strike. Very few marks for the grade.
73731928$1MS621787472617874726Slightly frosty luster. Average strike. Several light marks.
73741928-S$1MS6419202131931213Slightly frosty luster with mottled golden brown toning. Average strike. ...
73751934$1MS65670182673182Frosty luster. Well struck. A few black spots on reverse.
73761934-D$1MS6413496121380625Frosty luster. Average strike. A few scattered marks, typical for grade.
73771934-S$1XF4550235945023594Wear is consistant for grade. A decent amount of luster remaining. Coin i...
73781935$1MS65904223904223Old green holder.
73791935-S$1MS657041797101793 rays below "ONE". Strong strike. No note worthy marks