Sonoran Monsoon - 21st

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Rank 21
Weighted GPA 30.000
Complete 91.67%
Set Rating 24.857
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Sonoran Monsoon
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68521795 Flowing Hair$1XF4589183150304Common B5, B-27, R1. Die state II. Iridescent rim toning with gray center...
968581795 Draped Bust$1VF3036138119404
68601796$1F121124148747Bowers -Borkhardt die state II. B-4, BB-61, R.3. Auqua blue, lavender, an...
68671798 Small Eagle Reverse$1VF253112152201
400081798 Heraldic Eagle Reverse$1XF4510235350Very tough coin to find. Only a few have made it into a PCGS holder. 5 St...
68931801$1AU5032533667B-1, BB-211, R3. Bowers Die State II. This is the only 1801 variety with ...
400871802$1XF4072177126314Narrow Date. Crossed from an ANACS XF-40 holder.
69001803$1VF354913495283Untoned with a hint of luster left. Details consistant with grade.