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Rank 51
Weighted GPA 64.660
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 64.660
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Sonoran Monsoon
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192173561921$1MS644053161640781627The high relief Peace dollars of 1921 had significant strike problems, thi...
192273571922$1MS668007598088Frosty luster. Strong strike. Virtually mark free.
192373601923$1MS66+1385814160Silver frosty luster. Well struck. No notable marks other than a small ri...
192573651925$1MS657562210776312113A couple of dings above the nose and eye, otherwise fairly mark free. Sati...
192673671926$1MS66197648721Light steel-gray toning. Well struck. Old green holder. CAC sticker.
192773701927$1MS6419313954709802Slightly frosty luster. Untoned, bright white. Strong strike. Several li...
192873741928-S$1MS6419202153842583Slightly frosty luster with mottled golden brown toning. Average strike. ...
193473751934$1MS656711811344322Frosty luster. Well struck. A few black spots on reverse.
193573791935-S$1MS6570417816164013 rays below "ONE". Strong strike. No note worthy marks