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AWA Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
89581870-CC $20$20XF45145
89611871-CC $20$20AU5591
89641872-CC $20$20AU58214
89681873-CC $20$20AU586113
89711874-CC $20$20AU585315
89741875-CC $20$20MS6218835
89771876-CC $20$20AU58176167
89831877-CC $20$20MS6260
89861878-CC $20$20MS6220
89891879-CC $20$20MS6161
89971882-CC $20$20MS62233
89991883-CC $20$20MS6330
90011884-CC $20$20MS6380
90041885-CC $20$20AU582725
90111889-CC $20$20MS6410
90141890-CC $20$20MS6360
90171891-CC $20$20MS6241
90201892-CC $20$20MS6350
90231893-CC $20$20MS63210