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Mexican Gold 2-1/2 Pesos, Circulation Strikes (1870-1893): Spencer Collection Mexican Gold 2-1/2 Pesos 1870-1893

Spencer Collection Mexican Gold 2-1/2 Pesos 1870-1893 - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Spencer Collection Mexican Gold 2-1/2 Pesos 1870-1893
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
5241181870-Mo2-1/2 P 
5241141871-Go S2-1/2 P 
5241191872-Mo M/C2-1/2 P 
5241411872-Zs H2-1/2 P 
5241201873/2 Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241421873-Zs H2-1/2 PAU5814Mexico Republic, Early Type Gold 2 1/2 Peso, KM-411.6, Eagle Rv., Scarce an...
5241221874-Mo B/M2-1/2 P 
7493081874-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241231875-Mo B2-1/2 P 
5241431875/3-Zs A2-1/2 P 
5241241876-Mo B2-1/2 P 
5241251877-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241441877-Zs S2-1/2 P 
5241261878-Mo M2-1/2 P 
7351251878-Zs S2-1/2 P 
5241271879-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241281880/79-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5157381881/0-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241291881-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241301882-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241311883/73-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241321884-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241331885-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241341886-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241351887-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241151888-Go/Mo R2-1/2 P 
5241361888-Mo M2-1/2 PMS6342Mexico Republic, Gold 2 ½ Pesos, 1888-Mo M. Fr-148; KM-411.5. Eagle. Revers...
7351261888-Zs2-1/2 P 
5241371889-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241471889-Zs/Mo Z2-1/2 P 
5241381890-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241481890-Zs Z2-1/2 P 
5241391891-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241401892-Mo M2-1/2 P 
5241121893-Cn M2-1/2 P