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Jefferson Nickels Complete Variety Set, Proof (1938-present): Spencer Collection

Spencer Collection - 54th

Current Statistics
Rank 54
Weighted GPA 67.647
Complete 11.49%
Set Rating 6.686
%DCAM 60.00%
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Spencer Collection
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
  1939 Reverse of 19405C 
  1940 Reverse of 19385C 
  1942 TYPE 15C 
  1942-P TYPE 25C 
418219505CPR673532935393U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem Proof, 1950 PR67
  1951 DDO FS-1015C 
  1953 DDO FS-1015C 
418719555CPR67716228716798U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem Proof, 1955 PR67
  1955 TDR FS-8015C 
  1956 DDO FS-1015C 
  1957 QDO FS-1015C 
419019585CPR67588133588360U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem Proof, 1958 PR67
  1960 QDR FS-8015C 
  1961 TDR FS-8015C 
  1965 SMS5C 
41981966 SMS5CSP673937393191U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem, 1966, Jefferson Nickel, SMS (Special Mint Set), MS67 on...
  1967 SMS5C 
  1968-S RPM FS-5015C 
  1971 NO S5C 
942051972-S5CPR67DC166644166893U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem Proof
942091976-S5CPR66DC218913218966U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem Proof
  1979-S TYPE 15C 
  1979-S TYPE 25C 
942151981-S TYPE 15CPR69DC81661418166141U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem Proof
  1981-S TYPE 2 FS-5015C 
942181983-S5CPR69DC46421144642114U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem Proof
942271992-S5CPR69DC72064967206496U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem Proof
942311995-S5CPR69DC50713885071388U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem Proof
  2004-S Peace Medal5C 
  2004-S Keel Boat5C 
  2005-S Bison5C 
942432005-S Western Waters5C 
  2006-S Return to Monticello5C