Spencer Collection Mexico Empire of Maximilian Complete Set - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Spencer Collection Mexico Empire of Maximilian Complete Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
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Owner's Comments
  1864-M Centavo1C 
7085801864-G 5 Centavos5C 
5215601864-M 5 Centavos5C 
7085861864-P 5 Centavos5C 
7085811865-G 5 Centavos5C 
5215661865-Z 5 Centavos5C 
7085841866/4-M 5 Centavos5C 
7085821866-G 5 Centavos5C 
7085851866-M 5 Centavos5C 
5215711864-G 10 Centavos10C 
5215741864-M 10 Centavos10C 
7085931864-P 10 Centavos10C 
5215721865-G 10 Centavos10C 
5215811865-Z 10 Centavos10C 
7085911866/4-M 10 Centavos10C 
7588341866/5-M 10 Centavos10C 
7085921866-M 10 Centavos10C 
5215851866-Mo 50 Centavos50C 
1623371866-Go PesoPeso 
5215931866-Mo PesoPeso 
5215951866-Pi PesoPeso 
5215941867-Mo PesoPeso 
5216011866-Mo 20 Pesos20 PesoAU5516191619Mexico, Empire of Maximilian, Gold 20 Pesos 1866, One Year Type, Napolean i...