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Canadian Complete Type Set, Circulation Strikes (1858-1967): Spencer Collection

Spencer Collection - 20th

Current Statistics
Rank 20
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 59.722
Complete 17.14%
Set Rating 10.437
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Spencer Collection
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Victoria One Cent300801900-H1CMS64RD30171009322Canada, Large Cent Dated 1900-H, Victoria, PCGS MS64RD, Outrageously Red an...
Edward VII One Cent3015319091CMS64RD10644788Canada, Large Cent Dated 1909, Edward VII, PCGS MS64RD. Scarce in this High...
George V One Cent Large3019419131CMS64RD149775175Canada, Large Cent Dated 1913, George V, PCGS MS64RD, Outrageously Red and ...
George V One Cent Small   1C 
George VI One Cent   1C 
Elizabeth II One Cent   1C 
Victoria Five Cents   5C 
Edward VII Five Cents   5C 
George V Five Cents Silver   5C 
George V Five Cents Nickel   5C 
George VI Five Cents   5C 
Elizabeth II Five Cents   5C 
Victoria Ten Cents   10C 
Edward VII Ten Cents   10C 
George V Ten Cents   10C 
George VI Ten Cents   10C 
Elizabeth II Ten Cents   10C 
Victoria Twenty Cents  185820C 
Victoria Twenty-Five Cents317071872-H25CXF45191471771203Canada, 25 cents Dated 1872-H, PCGS XF45
Edward VII Twenty-Five Cents   25C 
George V Twenty-Five Cents   25C 
George VI Twenty-Five Cents   25C 
Elizabeth II Twenty-Five Cents   25C 
Victoria Fifty Cents   50C 
Edward VII Fifty Cents   50C 
George V Fifty Cents   50C 
George VI Fifty Cents   50C 
Elizabeth II Fifty Cents   50C 
George V Dollars   S$1 
George VI Dollars   S$1 
Elizabeth II Dollars   S$1 
Edward VII Sovereigns   Sov 
George V Sovereigns326551917-CSovMS64116259947Canada, Gold Sovereign Dated 1917-C, George V. PCGS MS64, KM20, An original...
George V Five Dollars326701914$5MS635512414164Canada, Gold $5 King, PCGS MS63, Scarce Date 1914, Only 5 Graded Higher.
George V Ten Dollars   $10