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Washington Quarters Basic Set, Proof (1936-Present): William A. Bell Jr.

William A. Bell Jr. - 83rd

Current Statistics
Rank 83
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 69.153
Complete 45.31%
Set Rating 24.524
%DCAM 96.40%
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William A. Bell Jr.
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
59971965 SMS25CSP68720722
59981966 SMS25CSP685705712
59991967 SMS25CSP68110312173
960071976-S Clad25CPR69DC1816927318169274
960081976-S Silver25CPR69DC2135830021358300
960131979-S 25CPR69DC748850412496854
960161981-S 25CPR69DC908146110960562
960281992-S 25CPR70DC65606560
960291992-S Silver25CPR69DC43276744327674
960311993-S Silver25CPR69DC34353113435311
960321994-S 25CPR69DC35225813522581
960331994-S Silver25CPR69DC33042373304237
960341995-S 25CPR69DC33815573393558
960351995-S Silver25CPR69DC31312933131293
960361996-S 25CPR69DC34124753412475
960371996-S Silver25CPR69DC33923333392333
960381997-S 25CPR69DC32725263272526
960391997-S Silver25CPR69DC35193913519391
960401998-S 25CPR69DC30706193070619
960411998-S Silver25CPR69DC36725653672565
960421999-S Delaware25CPR69DC49813394981339
960431999-S Delaware Silver25CPR69DC71172817117281
960441999-S Pennsylvania25CPR69DC49884264988426
9130001999-S Pennsylvania Silver25CPR69DC72343407234340
9130011999-S New Jersey25CPR69DC49884204988420
9130021999-S New Jersey Silver25CPR69DC71673257167325
9130031999-S Georgia25CPR69DC49675214967521
9130041999-S Georgia Silver25CPR69DC73284977328497
9130051999-S Connecticut25CPR69DC49966654996665
9130061999-S Connecticut Silver25CPR69DC72574547257454
9130072000-S Massachusetts25CPR69DC57564415756441
9130082000-S Massachusetts Silver25CPR69DC79884037988403
9130092000-S Maryland25CPR69DC56424475642447
9130102000-S Maryland Silver25CPR69DC79454617945461
9130112000-S South Carolina25CPR69DC58124555812455
9130122000-S South Carolina Silver25CPR69DC79303787930378
9130132000-S New Hampshire25CPR69DC56904795690479
9130142000-S New Hampshire Silver25CPR69DC77563277756327
9130152000-S Virginia25CPR69DC56944355694435
9130162000-S Virginia Silver25CPR69DC79023917902391
9130172001-S New York25CPR69DC46354294635429
9130182001-S New York Silver25CPR69DC69645816964581
9130192001-S North Carolina25CPR69DC46684284668428
9130202001-S North Carolina Silver25CPR69DC69136046913604
9130212001-S Rhode Island25CPR69DC45134084513408
9130222001-S Rhode Island Silver25CPR69DC69625256962525
9130232001-S Vermont25CPR69DC44475894447589
9130242001-S Vermont Silver25CPR69DC68618186861818
9130252001-S Kentucky25CPR69DC46484524648452
9130262001-S Kentucky Silver25CPR69DC69066556906655
9130272002-S Tennessee25CPR69DC46084134608413
9130282002-S Tennessee Silver25CPR69DC59164925916492
9130292002-S Ohio25CPR69DC45584054558405
9130302002-S Ohio Silver25CPR69DC58375165837516
9130312002-S Louisiana25CPR69DC45664004566400
9130322002-S Louisiana Silver25CPR69DC57494325749432
9130332002-S Indiana25CPR69DC45944154594415
9130342002-S Indiana Silver25CPR69DC58673955867395
9130352002-S Mississippi25CPR69DC45794554579455
9130362002-S Mississippi Silver25CPR69DC57725865772586
9130372003-S Illinois25CPR69DC46835434683543
9130382003-S Illinois Silver25CPR69DC68035776803577
9130392003-S Alabama25CPR69DC47195314719531
9130402003-S Alabama Silver25CPR69DC66606006660600
9130412003-S Maine25CPR69DC47614044761404
9130422003-S Maine Silver25CPR69DC67034776703477
9130432003-S Missouri25CPR69DC46904824690482
9130442003-S Missouri Silver25CPR69DC67025656702565
9130452003-S Arkansas25CPR69DC46326094632609
9130462003-S Arkansas Silver25CPR69DC66976266697626
9130472004-S Michigan25CPR69DC39625113962511
9130482004-S Michigan Silver25CPR69DC93787079378707
9130492004-S Florida25CPR69DC39574393957439
9130502004-S Florida Silver25CPR69DC94625939462593
9130512004-S Texas 25CPR69DC39425263942526
9130522004-S Texas Silver25CPR69DC94057869405786
9130532004-S Iowa25CPR69DC38776363877636
9130542004-S Iowa Silver25CPR69DC93267989326798
9130552004-S Wisconsin25CPR69DC39375103937510
9130562004-S Wisconsin Silver25CPR69DC94118679411867
9130572005-S California25CPR69DC49006824900682
9130582005-S California Silver25CPR69DC70219007021900
9130592005-S Minnesota25CPR69DC48786424878642
9130602005-S Minnesota Silver25CPR69DC68787536880753
9130612005-S Oregon25CPR69DC49745344974534
9130622005-S Oregon Silver25CPR69DC69177406917740
9130632005-S Kansas25CPR69DC50835375083537
9130642005-S Kansas Silver25CPR69DC70686287068628
9130652005-S West Virginia25CPR69DC49116584911658
9130662005-S West Virginia Silver25CPR69DC68369586836958
  2006-S Nevada25C 
  2006-S Nevada Silver25C 
  2006-S Nebraska25C 
  2006-S Nebraska Silver25C 
  2006-S Colorado25C 
  2006-S Colorado Silver25C 
  2006-S North Dakota25C 
  2006-S North Dakota Silver25C 
  2006-S South Dakota25C 
  2006-S South Dakota Silver25C 
  2007-S Montana25C 
  2007-S Montana Silver25C 
  2007-S Washington25C 
  2007-S Washington Silver25C 
  2007-S Idaho25C 
  2007-S Idaho Silver25C 
  2007-S Wyoming25C 
  2007-S Wyoming Silver25C 
  2007-S Utah25C 
  2007-S Utah Silver25C 
  2008-S Oklahoma25C 
  2008-S Oklahoma Silver25C 
  2008-S New Mexico25C 
  2008-S New Mexico Silver25C 
  2008-S Arizona25C 
  2008-S Arizona Silver25C 
  2008-S Alaska25C 
  2008-S Alaska Silver25C 
  2008-S Hawaii25C 
  2008-S Hawaii Silver25C 
  2009-S District of Columbia25C 
  2009-S District of Columbia Silver 25C 
  2009-S Puerto Rico25C 
  2009-S Puerto Rico Silver25C 
  2009-S Guam25C 
  2009-S Guam Silver25C 
  2009-S America Samoa25C 
  2009-S America Samoa Silver25C 
  2009-S U.S. Virgin Islands25C 
  2009-S U.S. Virgin Islands Silver25C 
  2009-S Northern Mariana Islands25C 
  2009-S Northern Mariana Islands Silver25C 
  2010-S Hot Springs NP25C 
  2010-S Hot Springs NP Silver25C 
  2010-S Yellowstone NP25C 
  2010-S Yellowstone NP Silver25C 
  2010-S Yosemite NP25C 
  2010-S Yosemite NP Silver25C 
  2010-S Grand Canyon NP25C 
  2010-S Grand Canyon NP Silver25C 
  2010-S Mount Hood NP25C 
  2010-S Mount Hood NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Gettysburg NP25C 
  2011-S Gettysburg NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Glacier NP25C 
  2011-S Glacier NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Olympic NP25C 
  2011-S Olympic NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Vicksburg NP25C 
  2011-S Vicksburg NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Chickasaw NP25C 
  2011-S Chickasaw NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S El Yunque NP25C 
  2012-S El Yunque NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Chaco Culture NP25C 
  2012-S Chaco Culture NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Acadia NP25C 
  2012-S Acadia NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Hawaii Volcanoes NP25C 
  2012-S Hawaii Volcanoes NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Denali NP25C 
  2012-S Denali NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S White Mountain NP25C 
  2013-S White Mountain NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Perry's Memorial25C 
  2013-S Perry's Memorial - Silver25C 
  2013-S Great Basin NP25C 
  2013-S Great Basin NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Fort McHenry NP25C 
  2013-S Fort McHenry NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Mount Rushmore NP25C 
  2013-S Mount Rushmore NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Great Smoky Mtns NP25C 
  2014-S Great Smoky Mtns NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Shenandoah NP25C 
  2014-S Shenandoah NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Arches NP25C 
  2014-S Arches NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Great Sand Dunes NP25C 
  2014-S Great Sand Dunes NP - Silver 25C 
  2014-S Everglades NP25C 
  2014-S Everglades NP - Silver25C 
  2015-S Homestead NP25C 
  2015-S Homestead NP - Silver25C 
  2015-S Kisatchie NP25C 
  2015-S Kisatchie NP - Silver25C 
  2015-S Blue Ridge Pkwy NP25C 
  2015-S Blue Ridge Pkwy NP -Silver25C 
  2015-S Bombay Hook NP25C 
  2015-S Bombay Hook NP - Silver25C 
  2015-S Saratoga NP25C 
  2015-S Saratoga NP - Silver25C 
  2016-S Shawnee NP25C 
  2016-S Shawnee NP - Silver25C 
  2016-S Cumberland Gap NP25C 
  2016-S Cumberland Gap NP - Silver25C 
  2016-S Harpers Ferry NP25C 
  2016-S Harpers Ferry NP - Silver25C 
  2016-S Theodore Roosevelt NP25C 
  2016-S Theodore Roosevelt NP - Silver25C 
  2016-S Fort Moultrie NP25C 
  2016-S Fort Moultrie NP - Silver25C