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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
3974421966 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz20 MkMS6511
3175041967 Wilhelm von Humboldt20 MkMS6621
3175061968 Karl Marx20 MkMS6720
3175071969 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe20 MkMS6710
3175081970 Friedrich Engels20 MkMS6710
3974291971 Rosa Luxemburg20 MkMS6610
3915581971 Heinrich Mann20 MkMS6610
3974301971-A Ernst Thalmann20 Mk 
3915571972 Lucas Cranach20 MkMS6630
3915551972-A Freiedrich von Schiller20 MkMS6620
3974311972-A Wilhelm Pieck20 MkMS6411
3915591973 August Bebel20 MkMS6611
3974321973-A Otto Grotewohl20 MkMS6520
3175301974 Immanuel Kant20 MkMS6810
3175311975 Johann Sebastian Bach20 MkMS6633
3175331976 Wilhelm Liebknecht20 MkMS6810
3974331977 Carl Friedrich Gauss20 MkMS6830
3974341978 Johann von Herder20 MkMS6620
3974351979 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing20 MkMS6810
3974361979-A Anniversary East German Regime20 MkMS6620
2127031980 Ernst Abbe20 Mk 
3974381981 vom Stein20 MkMS6610
3974391982 Clara Zetkin20 MkMS6620
1498781983 Martin Luther20 MkMS6723
3175501983-A Karl Marx20 MkMS6511
3928551984-A Georg Friedrich Handel20 MkMS6710
2319741985-A Ernst Mortiz Arndt20 MkMS6510
3974411986-A Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm20 MkMS6710
3924471987-A Berlin City Seal20 MkMS6720
1498791988-A Carl Zeiss20 MkMS6720
3945521989-A Thomas Muntzer20 MkMS6711
3175521990-A Andreas Schluter20 MkMS6621
1411411990-A Opening of Brandenburg Gate20 MkMS6710