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Carson City Morgan Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1878-1893): Sunnywood's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Toned CC Set

Sunnywood's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Toned CC Set - 37th

Current Statistics
Rank 37
Weighted GPA 64.680
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 64.680
Retired Statistics (12/8/2009)
Rank 41
Weighted GPA 64.680
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 64.680
Sunnywood's Sets

About this set: What is it about the CC cartwheels that has inspired so much interest? The Carson City Morgans have always been an alluring group, rich with history and great fun to collect. Many of them came to the public through the GSA releases, and some of those coins exhibited distinctive rainbow bag toning, often with a matte finish, and sometimes with untoned speckles scattered across the toned areas. Other examples have creamy luster. Interestingly, only one 1889-CC was found in all the GSA releases, but it is not a particularly attractive coin. Finding a nice original toned '89-CC is nearly impossible! By contrast, we are particularly pleased with the beautiful '79-CC in this set. This group is a subset of Sunnywood's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Collection.

Sunnywood's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Toned CC Set
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Owner's Comments
70801878-CC$1MS662652727927The unusual patchwork of green and rose colors on this coin are likely the ...
70861879-CC$1MS6599911912An important date that is rarely found with beautiful toning, this coin fea...
71001880-CC$1MS667961111022151A beautiful example of crescent rainbow bag toning, which is the result of ...
71261881-CC$1MS6614623341544337A monster bag-toned example of this classic date from the GSA sales of Cqar...
71341882-CC$1MS6612581781426187Classic rainbow bag toning graces the obverse of this Carson City dollar. ...
71441883-CC$1MS671891419914This superb gem CC dollar features strong coral and peach toning covering m...
71521884-CC$1MS6616512701883278This is a really beautiful rainbow-toned CC dollar, whose rainbow palette i...
71601885-CC$1MS6611051691209183A spectacular '85-CC, this coin features 100% obverse rainbow bag toning wi...
71901889-CC$1MS6295127180230One of the "big five" toughest dates in the series, the 1889-CC is generall...
71981890-CC$1MS653113035533Along with the Carson City issues of 1889 and 1893, the 1890-CC is quite di...
72061891-CC$1MS655945662560An attractive CC dollar toned with early sunset hues. Careful study reveal...
72141892-CC$1MS66274274This is a simply superb example of this tough late Carson City issue. Alth...
72221893-CC$1MS6310906231115627This is not the highest-graded '93-CC that we could find, but the multi-col...