Enfield Collection - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Weighted GPA 39.479
Complete 96.64%
Set Rating 37.228
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Enfield Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
24361910 1C1CMS64RB344182
24391910-S 1C1CMS65RB2155
38711910 5C5CMS6299576
48541910 10C10CAU504524
48551910-D 10C10C 
48561910-S 10C10CVF308140
56571910 25C25CVG82254
56581910-D 25C25CF123160
65191910 50C50CF1518253Mintage: 418k. Extremely scarce in all grades, R4.6.
65201910-S 50C50CVF3518171CAC Extremely scarce in all grades, R4.5.
24411911 1C1CMS64BN7524
24451911-D 1C1CMS63RB79228
24471911-S 1C1CXF45BN123565
38721911 5C5CMS63357839Very scarce in MS60&+, R4.2.
48571911 10C10CMS62171775
48581911-D 10C10CAU539285
48591911-S 10C10CAU504268
56591911 25C25CVF306396Very scarce in all grades, R3.4, rare in MS60&+, R5.6.
56601911-D 25C25CVG85199
56611911-S 25C25CVF205206
65211911 50C50CXF4526418Very scarce in all grades, R3.9.
65221911-D 50C50CVF2020256
65231911-S 50C50CF1525233Very scarce in all grades, R4.3.
24511912 1C1CMS64RB26468
24531912-D 1C1CAU58BN60173
24561912-S 1C1CMS62BN45163
38731912 5C5CMS63444720Secure Plus. *P
38741912-D 5C5CXF4512890Scarce in all grades, R2.7.
38751912-S 5C5CF123741279Very scarce in all grades, R4.0.
48601912 10C10CAU5543962
48611912-D 10C10CAU5538329
48621912-S 10C10CMS6238126
56621912 25C25CAU5521512
56631912-S 25C25CXF406132
65241912 50C50CVF3026467Very scarce in all grades, R3.8.
65251912-D 50C50CXF4040619Secure Plus. Very scarce in all grades, R3.8. *P
65261912-S 50C50CVF2540316Very scarce in all grades, R4.3.
24601913 1C1CMS64RB23451
24631913-D 1C1CMS62RB10236
24651913-S 1C1CAU53BN29301
39151913 5C Type 15CMS6534582397
39161913-D 5C Type 15CMS65779455Extremely scarce in MS65&+, R4.6.
39171913-S 5C Type 15CAU582161900
39211913 5C Type 25CMS641104801
39221913-D 5C Type 25CXF45661312
39231913-S 5C Type 25CVF20492166
48631913 10C10CMS62166572
48641913-S 10C10CVF2518225
56641913 25C25CVF259225Xch
56651913-D 25C25CVF205236
56661913-S 25C25C 
65271913 50C50CVG8234490Secure Plus. Mintage: 188k. Extremely scarce in all grades, R4.6. *P
65281913-D 50C50CXF4517257Mintage: 534K. Very scarce in all grades, R4.2, rare in MS60&+, R6.2.
65291913-S 50C50CF1521233Mintage: 604k. Extremely scarce in all grades, R4.5.
24681914 1C1CMS63BN69124JE
24711914-D 1C1CVF30BN5341839
24741914-S 1C1CMS63BN6458
39241914 5C5CMS634061169
39251914-D 5C5CMS63259577
39261914-S 5C5CMS621591054Secure Plus. *P
48651914 10C10CAU55381011JE
48661914-D 10C10CAU5541477
48671914-S 10C10CXF406235
56671914 25C25CXF4517687
56681914-D 25C25CAU5014418
56691914-S 25C25CG4109706CAC
65301914 50C50CG6236811Mintage: 124k. Extremely scarce in all grades, R4.7.
65311914-S 50C50CXF4032184Mintage: 992k. Very scarce in all grades, R4.4.
24771915 1C1CMS64BN9439
24811915-D 1C1CMS63RB111343
24831915-S 1C1CXF45BN118385
39271915 5C5CMS64721773
39281915-D 5C5CMS62112648
39291915-S 5C5CF15551097
48681915 10C10CMS63110194
48691915-S 10C10CAU507176
56701915 25C25CAU5529563
56711915-D 25C25CAU5327784JE
56721915-S 25C25CAU539228
65321915 50C50CF12101285Mintage: 138k. Extremely scarce in all grades, R4.6.
65331915-D 50C50CXF4032737Secure Plus. Very scarce in all grades, R3.6. *P
65341915-S 50C50CVF2541607JE Very scarce in all grades, R4.2.
24871916 1C1CMS65RB1348
24891916-D 1C1CMS63BN103129
24921916-S 1C1CMS63BN121124
39301916 5C5CMS641090727OGH
39321916-D 5C5CMS64431154
39331916-S 5C5CAU55761056
48701916 10C Barber10CMS62254867
48711916-S 10C Barber10CMS6257242
49051916 10C Mercury10CMS64FB13801533
  1916-D 10C10C 
49091916-S 10C Mercury10CMS62FB51651
56731916 25C Barber25CAU5526437
56741916-D 25C25CAU581851805
  1916 25C Standing25C 
65661916 50C50CVF30191641Mintage: 608k. Scarce in all grades, R2.7.
65671916-D 50C50CVF20232044
65681916-S 50C50CG41981304
24971917 1C1CMS64RD289399
24981917-D 1C1CMS63BN10196
25011917-S 1C1CMS63BN12177
39341917 5C5CMS64531474
39351917-D 5C5CXF45591059
39361917-S 5C5CF1534859
49111917 10C10CMS64FB356333
49121917-D 10C10CAU58107232Probably UNC.
49141917-S 10C10CAU58111317
57061917 25C Type 125CAU50882274
57091917-D 25C Type 125CAU58FH1881410
57101917-S 25C Type 125CVF2529746
57141917 25C Type 225CMS64181113
57161917-D 25C Type 225CAU5588584
57181917-S 25C Type 225CVF3510762
65691917 50C50CMS636931273
65701917-D 50C Obverse50CF15181167Mintage: 765k. Scarce in all grades, R2.6.
65711917-D 50C Reverse50CF1216805
65721917-S 50C Obverse50CG441804
65731917-S 50C Reverse50CXF40261029
25051918 1C1CMS64RB22863
25081918-D 1C1CMS62RB4264
25101918-S 1C1CMS63BN8778
39371918 5C5CMS63188649
39381918-D 5C5CF1538979
39401918-S 5C5CVF2522719
49161918 10C10CMS621370
49181918-D 10C10CMS63115267
49201918-S 10C10CMS63104176
57201918 25C25CAU58107427Well struck, nearly full head.
57221918-D 25C25CAU5581521
57241918-S 25C25CXF4541833
65741918 50C50CXF4557865
65751918-D 50C50CXF4037826
65761918-S 50C50CAU53511044
25141919 1C1CMS64RB19866OGH SLIP (SUS)
25161919-D 1C1CMS64BN7611
25191919-S 1C1CMS63BN144116
39411919 5C5CAU55311692
39421919-D 5C5CVF3532732
39431919-S 5C5CXF4052778
49231919 10C10CMS64FB216231Re-grade candidate.
49241919-D 10C10CF121399Very scarce in all grades, R4.2.
  1919-S 10C10C 
57281919 25C25CXF4038993
57301919-D 25C25CVF3039539
57321919-S 25C25CVF2544575
65771919 50C50CF1550648
65781919-D 50C50CF1559560
65791919-S 50C50CF1266680