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Goldminers - 4th

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About this set: Some of the coins in this list seem out of place to me, but it helps me remember what to look for if I get lucky. I recommend making the Frosted Freedom and 1964 SMS finish coins just one "type" spot each as there are plenty of other nice modern rare coins that could be put in their place including from 2011 and 2012. Also agree that the #1,#3, #5 spots are illegal so should be mentioned, but not counted as an achievable set for collecting.

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5079561964-D Peace $1, MS$1 
  1975 No S Roosevelt Dime, PR10C 
5080601974 Aluminum Lincoln Cent, MS1C 
624021976 No S Eisenhower Dollar, Type 2, PR$1 
5080622000-W 22kt Gold Sacagawea Dollar, PRSAC$1 
5080612000 Sacagawea/Quarter Dollar Mule, MSSAC$1 
  1969-S Doubled Die Lincoln Cent, MS1C 
  1968 No S Roosevelt Dime, PR10C 
  1990 No S Lincoln Cent, PR1C 
  2000-P Cheerios Sacagawea Dollar, SPSAC$1 
  1992 1C Close AM, MS1C 
  1992-D 1C Close AM, MS1C 
98871995-W $1 Silver Eagle, PR$1PR70DC720720
  2007-W $100 Statue of Liberty, Frosted FREEDOM, PR$100 
  2007-W $50 Statue of Liberty, Frosted FREEDOM, PR$50 
5066242007-W $25 Statue of Liberty, Frosted FREEDOM, PR$25 
  1972 1C Doubled Die Obverse, MS1C 
9140332004-D 25C Wisconsin, Extra Leaf High, MS25CMS65843162850162
8140332004-D 25C Wisconsin, Extra Leaf Low, MS25CMS6511942221200222
  1972 $1 Type 2, MS$1 
  1971 5C No S, PR5C 
  1970 10C No S, PR10C 
  1983 10C No S, PR10C 
97591997-W $5 Jackie Robinson, MS$5MS70580580
3964112008-W $1 Eagle, Reverse of 2007, MS$1SP7037905580
97842000-W $10 Library of Congress, MS$10MS7045804580
  1964 50C Special Mint Set Finish, SP50C 
59741964 25C Special Mint Set Finish, SP25C 
  1964 5C Special Mint Set Finish, SP5C 
  1964 1C Special Mint Set Finish, SP1C 
52201964 10C Special Mint Set Finish, SP10C 
4074042009 $20 Ultra High Relief, MS$20MS706556082470
995842000-P SAC$1 Goodacre Presentation, SPSAC$1 
149317(2007) $1 George Washington, Missing Edge Lettering, MS$1MS65101543262103623323
868011964 50C Accented Hair, PR50CPR67CA250111257604
  1984 1C Doubled Die Obverse, MS1C 
  1983 1C Doubled Die Reverse, MS1C 
999421999-W $10 Eagle, Unfinished Proof Dies, MS$10MS691364113641
999401999-W $5 Eagle, Unfinished Proof Dies, MS$5MS69180223180223
31271995 1C Doubled Die Obverse, MS1CMS68RD2671127041
3930822008-W $50 Statue of Liberty, MS$50SP7030503560
899952006-W $50 Eagle, 20th Anniversary Reverse Proof, PR$50PR70982014730
5091922011-P $1 Silver Eagle, 25th Anniversary Reverse Proof, PR$1PR70800091460
7999772006-P $1 Eagle, 20th Anniversary Reverse Proof, PR$1PR702780033560
  1982 10C No Mintmark ? Strong, MS10C 
97922001-W $5 Capitol Visitor Center, MS$5MS7025602560
97361996-W $5 Flag Bearer, MS$5MS7013501350
97441996-W $5 Smithsonian Institution 150th Anniversary, MS$5MS70810810
97381996-W $5 Olympic Cauldron, MS$5MS70790790
1453851974-D 50C Doubled Die Obverse, MS50CMS6515110110
3930642008-W $10 Gold Eagle, MS$10SP701119011620
4000372008-W $50 American Buffalo, .9999 Fine Gold , MS$50MS7017003660
3999282008-W $10 American Buffalo, .9999 Fine Gold, MS$10MS7030107710
4045672009-W $10 Letitia Tyler, MS$10MS709402250
3999362008-W $25 American Buffalo, .9999 Fine Gold, PR$25PR70DC46207070
  1970-S 1C Large Date, Doubled Die Obverse, MS1C 
3930802008-W $25 Statue of Liberty, MS$25SP7023102640
211232006-W $50 Statue of Liberty, MS$50SP7032705230
211222006-W $25 Statue of Liberty, MS$25SP7022204050
211242006-W $100 Statue of Liberty, MS$100SP7038605740
211212006-W $10 Statue of Liberty, MS$10SP7025904450
1504382007-W $50 Statue of Liberty, MS$50SP7014703160
1504352007-W $25 Statue of Liberty, MS$25SP7020004370
3930782008-W $10 Statue of Liberty, MS$10SP7045205190
5091892011-S $1 Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set, MS$1MS708214090110
5069742011-W $10 Lucretia Garfield, MS$10MS7018702540
5069682011-W $10 Lucy Hayes, MS$10MS705302180
3957022008-W $10 Martin Van Buren's Liberty, MS$10MS7021003490
3957002008-W $10 Andrew Jackson's Liberty, MS$10MS7014202500
4045692009-W $10 Julia Tyler, MS$10MS7012303290
4183812010-W $10 James Buchanan's Liberty, MS$10MS7020007900
67131970-D 50C, MS50CMS664873148731
97341995-W $5 Olympic Stadium, MS$5MS7019201920
97481997-W $5 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, MS$5MS7022802280
97021995-W $5 Civil War Battlefields, MS$5MS7016701670
97261996-D $1 Paralympic Games, MS$1MS7014601460
97241996-D $1 Olympic Tennis, MS$1MS7014801480
97301996-D $1 Olympic High Jump, MS$1MS7011001100
97281996-D $1 Olympic Rowing, MS$1MS7014301430
  1998-S 1C Close AM, PR1C 
  1999 1C Wide AM, MS1C 
  1999-S 1C Close AM, PR1C 
995951981-S SBA$1 Type 2, PRSBA$1PR69DC35412413547241
97932001-D $1 Buffalo, MS$1MS701338013380
841401997-P 5C Special Mint Set Finish, SP5C 
67751998-S 50C Special Mint Set Finish, SP50CSP6922263132226313
29351970-S 1C Small Date, MS1CMS65RD641227647227
851891996-W 10C, MS10CMS67FB805195805195
4045722009-W $10 Margaret Taylor, MS$10MS7022003320
841592005-D 5C Speared Bison, MS5C 
995711979-P SBA$1 Wide Rim, MSSBA$1MS663631236514
1504432007-W $25 Gold Eagle, MS$25SP7016107110
3930682008-W $50 Gold Eagle, MS$50SP7072007620
3930622008-W $5 Gold Eagle, MS$5SP7037704450
1504292007-W $10 Gold Eagle, MS$10SP7059908640
3999342008-W $10 American Buffalo, .9999 Fine Gold, PR$10PR70DC51107870
5052662011-W $50 Eagle, 25th Anniversary, MS$50SP7024403310Mercanti signed 25th
799832006-W $25 Gold Eagle, MS$25SP701690016900
799822006-W $10 Gold Eagle, MS$10SP701300013000
99001996 $1 Silver Eagle, MS$1MS696464064640