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Weighted GPA 66.114
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 66.114
%DCAM 6.25%
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About this set: CAC Complete Set! ..... It is my opinion that a "Top Set Of All Time" must meet three criteria. First, each coin should be graded by PCGS the most respected and conservative grading service. PCGS coins in most cases bring much higher prices at auction and in the general marketplace. Second a “Top Set Of All Time” should have the CAC sticker on all of the coins which states that the coin is "solid or at the top of its grade". Third most if not all coins should also have "eye appeal". It is easy to spend whatever it takes and simply "buy the grade". However, I am sure most people would agree that if you look at 20 exact coins of the same grade, perhaps three would stand out. It is these that should be in a top set of all time.Eye Appeal is a difficult criteria for various reasons. White, Cams and DCams that are sometimes recently dipped, are given extra points in the registry. Also, many people seem to like them over a beautifully toned original coin. I have no idea why. I prefer amazingly toned coins except with Proof Morgan’s and a select few other coins. I continually try to replace white coins in my top sets with toned examples. If I can’t due to the lower score, I usually have a toned example in my duplicate box! Lastly, In most cases, I do not believe in paying crazy prices simply to beat other registry people. To obtain the nicest coins one usually has to pay a decent premium but going crazy seems to defeat the purpose of being patient and collecting. I see many coins selling for 50-100% more than what they are worth because two set people want them. Please contact me if you have beautiful coins of any grade. Thank You ____________________________________________________________ CAC Complete Set! (Every Coin is CAC) Seated Dollars are special coins! I love them! They are not collected like Morgan's due to their cost and also because they do not have the contrast or the Morgan "look" that many people like. I almost always prefer an original toned coin to a dipped white coin except for Morgan's. That is why this set does not have as many DCAM's as others. Yes they score higher and I could buy them, but a Seated set should have beautiful toned coins versus these. Also PCGS rarely gives the DCAM grade to a toned coin. This is another set where downgrading and crossing were necessary on a handful of the coins. I am looking to improve this set with beautifully toned examples where you can see the color without tilting the coin. I am also looking for any example that is stunning, even if I have the date and a better grade. I am also looking for earlier dates and also CAC+ coins. Thanks for looking!

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Perfection 10
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
870011858$1PR64+ CA10CAC Highest Cameo Graded Amazing Color and Contrast
70021859$1PR6721CAC None Higher Looks Cameo Beautiful Colors
870031860$1PR67CA20CAC None Higher Only Cameo at CAC Great Contrast and Colors
870041861$1PR64CA134CAC Beautiful coin Looking to Improve Grade
70051862$1PR65122CAC Great toning Only ONE coin Higher a 66+ Sell it to me!
70061863$1PR6681CAC Greenish toning. Again only one coin higher. Find it!
70071864$1PR6622CAC Stunning color and again only one coin higher at CAC. Have...
970081865$1PR65DC41CAC Amazing mirrors and contrast
70161868$1PR6631CAC Highest at CAC except for a Lone Cameo Great color, super coin
70171869$1PR6670CAC Have 4 coins of this year. I buy multiples of they are nice coins! ...
70181870$1PR65156CAC Only one higher at CAC. OGH Nice Coin
870191871$1PR65+ CA13CAC Passed on two 66’s for this coin. Amazing color. A 10!
70201872$1PR65+11CAC None Higher at CAC except for Cams. Beautiful Coin!
70211873 Seated$1PR6640CAC Highest CAC. Also have a PR65CAM which scores the same. Both are wonder...