Spencer Collection German States 3 Mark Complete Set 1908-1918 - 5th

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Rank 5
Weighted GPA 64.400
Complete 6.85%
Set Rating 4.128
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Spencer Collection German States 3 Mark Complete Set 1908-1918
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  Anhalt 1909-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
  Anhalt 1911-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
  Anhalt 1914-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
279563Baden 1908-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
279564Baden 1909-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
279565Baden 1910-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
  Baden 1911-G 3 Mark3 Mark 
279567Baden 1912-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
279568Baden 1914-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
279569Baden 1915-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
281250Bavaria 1908-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281251Bavaria 1909-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281252Bavaria 1910-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281253Bavaria 1911-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281264Bavaria 1911-D 3 Mark Birthday3 MkMS66165German States, Bavaria 3 Mark Silver Dated 1911-D, PCGS MS66, One Year Type...
350522Bavaria 1912-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281255Bavaria 1913-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281268Bavaria 1914-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
  Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 1915 3 Mark zu Braun3 Mark 
282403Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 1915 3 Mark u. Luneb.3 Mk 
283181Hamburg 1908-J 3 Mark3 Mk 
283182Hamburg 1909-J 3 Mark3 Mk 
283183Hamburg 1910-J 3 Mark3 Mk 
283184Hamburg 1911-J 3 Mark3 Mk 
283185Hamburg 1912-J 3 Mark3 Mk 
  Hamburg 1913-J 3 Mark3 Mark 
283187Hamburg 1914-J 3 Mark3 Mk 
285631Hesse-Darmstadt 1910-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
651696Hesse-Darmstadt 1917-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
286242Lippe-Detmold 1913-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
286311Lubeck 1908-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
286312Lubeck 1909-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
286313Lubeck 1910-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
286314Lubeck 1911-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
286315Lubeck 1912-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
286316Lubeck 1913-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
286317Lubeck 1914-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
286706Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1915-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
651699Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1913-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
289833Prussia 1908-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
289834Prussia 1909-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
289835Prussia 1910-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
289848Prussia 1910-A 3 Mark Berlin University3 MkMS641416German States, Prussia 3 Mark Silver "Centennial of Berlin University", Dat...
289836Prussia 1911-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
289852Prussia 1911-A 3 Mark Breslau University3 Mk 
289837Prussia 1912-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
289856Prussia 1913 3 Mark 100 Years3 MkMS631759Germany, Prussia 3 Mark 1913, "Prussia 100 Years", PCGS MS63
289860Prussia 1913-A 3 Mark 25th Year3 Mk 
289864Prussia 1914-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
289868Prussia 1915-A 3 Mark Mansfeld3 Mk 
290555Reuss-Obergreiz 1909-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
292362Saxe-Meiningen 1908-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
292363Saxe-Meiningen 1913-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
292371Saxe-Meiningen 1915 3 Mark Death3 Mk 
292734Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach 1910-A 3 Mark 2nd Marriage3 Mk 
292738Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach 1915-A 3 Mark3 Mk 
  Saxony 1908-E 3 Mark3 Mark 
294189Saxony 1909-E 3 Mark3 Mk 
294190Saxony 1910-E 3 Mark3 Mk 
294191Saxony 1911-E 3 Mark3 MkMS6630German States, Saxony, 3 Mark Dated 1911-E, PCGS MS66, KM#1267, Exceptional...
294192Saxony 1912-E 3 Mark3 Mk 
294193Saxony 1913-E 3 Mark3 Mk 
294205Saxony 1913-E 3 Mark, Leipzig Monument3 Mk 
294546Schaumburg-Lippe 1911-A 3 Mark Death of Georg3 Mk 
294933Schwarzburg-Sondershausen 1909-A 3 Mark Death of Gunther3 Mk 
296301Wurttemberg 1908-F 3 Mark3 Mk 
296302Wurttemberg 1909-F 3 Mark3 Mk 
296303Wurttemberg 1910-F 3 Mark3 Mk 
296304Wurttemberg 1911-F 3 Mark3 Mk 
  Wurttemberg 1911-F 3 Mark, Wedding3 Mk 
296305Wurttemberg 1912-F 3 Mark3 MkMS63712Germany, Wurttemberg, 3 Mark Silver Dated 1912-F, PCGS MS63.
296306Wurttemberg 1913-F 3 Mark3 Mk 
296307Wurttemberg 1914-F 3 Mark3 Mk