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German States 5 Mark Silver Complete Set, Circulation Strikes (1874-1915): Spencer Collection German States 5 Mark Silver Complete Set 1874-1915

Spencer Collection German States 5 Mark Silver Complete Set 1874-1915 - 3rd

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Rank 3
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 57.556
Complete 4.94%
Set Rating 2.421
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Spencer Collection German States 5 Mark Silver Complete Set 1874-1915
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
  Anhalt 1896-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Anhalt 1914-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Baden 1874-G 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Baden 1875-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279583Baden 1876-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Baden 1888-G 5 Mark5 Mark 
279599Baden 1891-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Baden 1893-G 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Baden 1894-G 5 Mark5 Mark 
279602Baden 1895-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279603Baden 1898-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279604Baden 1899-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279605Baden 1900-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279606Baden 1901-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Baden 1902-G 5 Mark Bust Left5 Mark 
279622Baden 1902 5 Mark 50th Year of Reign5 Mk 
279626Baden 1902-G 5 Mark Bust Right5 Mk 
279627Baden 1903-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Baden 1904-G 5 Mark5 Mark 
279638Baden 1906 5 Mark Golden Wedding Anniversary5 Mk 
279629Baden 1907-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279642Baden 1907 5 Mark Death of Friedrich5 Mk 
279646Baden 1908-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279647Baden 1913-G 5 Mark5 MkAU58714714German States, Baden-Durlach, 5 Mark Silver Dated 1913-G, PCGS AU58, KM#281...
281275Bavaria 1874-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281276Bavaria 1875-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281277Bavaria 1876-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281289Bavaria 1888-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281292Bavaria 1891-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Bavaria 1893-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Bavaria 1894-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
281295Bavaria 1895-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Bavaria 1896-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
281297Bavaria 1898-D 5 Mark5 MkAU581616German States, Bavaria 5 Mark Silver Dated 1898-D. PCGS AU58. KM#512. Excep...
  Bavaria 1899-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Bavaria 1900-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
281300Bavaria 1901-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281301Bavaria 1902-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281302Bavaria 1903-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Bavaria 1904-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Bavaria 1906-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
281305Bavaria 1907-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281306Bavaria 1908-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281318Bavaria 1911-D 5 Mark Birthday5 Mk 
281307Bavaria 1913-D 5 Mark5 MkMS6216191619German States, Bavaria 5 Mark Silver Dated 1913-D. PCGS MS62. KM#512.2 Ot...
281322Bavaria 1914-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281609Bremen 1906-J 5 Mark5 MkMS6523182318Germany, Bremen 5 Marks, 1906-J. KM-251; J-60. Brilliant and very choice. P...
  Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 1915 5 Mark zu Bruan?5 Mark 
282409Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 1915 5 Mark u. Luneb.5 Mk 
283201Hamburg 1875-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
283202Hamburg 1876-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
283203Hamburg 1888-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Hamburg 1891-J 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Hamburg 1893-J 5 Mark5 Mark 
283213Hamburg 1894-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
283214Hamburg 1895-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Hamburg 1896-J 5 Mark5 Mark 
283216Hamburg 1898-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Hamburg 1899-J 5 Mark5 Mark 
283218Hamburg 1900-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Hamburg 1901-J 5 Mark5 Mark 
283220Hamburg 1902-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
283221Hamburg 1903-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
283222Hamburg 1904-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
283223Hamburg 1907-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
283224Hamburg 1908-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
283225Hamburg 1913-J 5 Mark5 Mk 
285639Hesse-Darmstadt 1875-H 5 Mark5 Mk 
285640Hesse-Darmstadt 1876-H 5 Mark5 Mk 
285651Hesse-Darmstadt 1888-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Hesse-Darmstadt 1891-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Hesse-Darmstadt 1895-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Hesse-Darmstadt 1898-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Hesse-Darmstadt 1899-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
285663Hesse-Darmstadt 1900-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
285671Hesse-Darmstadt 1904 5 Mark5 Mk 
286331Lubeck 1904-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Lubeck 1907-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
286333Lubeck 1908-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Lubeck 1913-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
286710Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1904-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
286714Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1915-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Oldenburg 1900-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Oldenburg 1901-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
289873Prussia 1874-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289874Prussia 1875-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289875Prussia 1875-B 5 Mark5 Mk 
289876Prussia 1876-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289877Prussia 1876-B 5 Mark5 Mk 
289878Prussia 1876-C 5 Mark5 Mk 
289900Prussia 1888-A 5 Mark Friedrich III5 Mk 
289904Prussia 1888-A 5 Mark Wilhelm II5 Mk 
  Prussia 1891-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Prussia 1892-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
289911Prussia 1893-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Prussia 1894-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
289913Prussia 1895-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Prussia 1896-A 5 Mark5 Mark 
289915Prussia 1898-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289916Prussia 1899-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289917Prussia 1900-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289918Prussia 1901-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289946Prussia 1901 5 Mark 200 Years5 Mk 
289919Prussia 1902-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289920Prussia 1903-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289921Prussia 1904-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289922Prussia 1906-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289923Prussia 1907-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289924Prussia 1908-A 5 Mark5 MkMS622525German States, Prussia 5 Mark Silver Dated 1908-A, PCGS MS62, KM# 523. Exce...
289951Prussia 1913-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
289952Prussia 1914-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Saxe-Altenburg 1901-A 5 Mark 75th Birthday5 Mark 
291020Saxe-Altenburg 1903-A 5 Mark 50th Year5 Mk 
291683Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1895-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
291687Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1907-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
292375Saxe-Meiningen 1901-D 5 Mark 75th Year5 Mk 
  Saxe-Meiningen 1902-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
292382Saxe-Meiningen 1908-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
292742Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach 1903-A 5 Mark Marriage5 Mk 
292746Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach 1908 5 Mark Jena University5 Mk 
294213Saxony 1875-E 5 Mark5 MkXF452222Germany, Saxony, 1875-E Silver 5 Mark, Small Eagle PCGS XF45. Purchased fro...
294214Saxony 1876-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294215Saxony 1889-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294225Saxony 1891-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294226Saxony 1893-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294227Saxony 1894-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Saxony 1895-E 5 Mark5 Mark 
294229Saxony 1898-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294230Saxony 1899-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294231Saxony 1900-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294232Saxony 1901-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294233Saxony 1902-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294243Saxony 1902-E 5 Mark, Death of Albert5 MkMS6532443244German States, Saxony 5 Mark, 1902-E. KM-1256; J-128. Georg. Death of Alber...
294247Saxony 1903-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294248Saxony 1904-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294255Saxony 1904-E 5 Mark, Death of Georg5 Mk 
294260Saxony 1907-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294261Saxony 1908-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294266Saxony 1909 5 Mark, Leipzig University5 Mk 
294262Saxony 1914-E 5 Mark5 Mk 
294551Schaumburg-Lippe 1898-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
294552Schaumburg-Lippe 1904-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
295188Waldeck-Pyrmont 1903-A 5 Mark5 Mk 
296330Wurttemberg 1874-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296331Wurttemberg 1875-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296332Wurttemberg 1876-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296333Wurttemberg 1888-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296347Wurttemberg 1892-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Wurttemberg 1893-F 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Wurttemberg 1894-F 5 Mark5 Mark 
296350Wurttemberg 1895-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296351Wurttemberg 1898-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Wurttemberg 1899-F 5 Mark5 Mark 
296353Wurttemberg 1900-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296354Wurttemberg 1901-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296355Wurttemberg 1902-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296356Wurttemberg 1903-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296357Wurttemberg 1904-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296358Wurttemberg 1906-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296359Wurttemberg 1907-F 5 Mark5 MkAU584444German States, Wurttemberg 5 Mark Silver Dated 1907-F. PCGS AU58. KM#632. ...
296360Wurttemberg 1908-F 5 Mark5 Mk 
296361Wurttemberg 1913-F 5 Mark5 Mk