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Liberty Seated Quarters, Proof (1858-1891): Perfection 5

Perfection 5 - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 67.368
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 67.368
%DCAM 25.71%
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About this set: 2016 - Lib Seated PR 25 I think I only added one coin this year. A gem. I am looking for toned coins which seem hard to find. Also this set was not my Main focus this year. CAC Complete Set: Mr. Simpson, I submit! Great set! Truly beautiful coins! I cannot compete with two 69's, thirteen plus grades and eighteen top pop bonuses. You are one of the top collectors of all time. I am jealous. -:) We both enjoy competition and the challenge of the hunt for the nicest coins. Please consider asking PCGS to remove the top pop bonuses from our sets. You might also elect to collect CAC coins which are the top end of the grading scale. Doing this would allow us to compete on an even basis.

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Perfection 5
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
85554185825CPR64CA6268CAC, Hard to believe but no higher cams at PCGS. Original look, nice coin...
5555185925CPR673031CAC, Scher, PCGS pop 2. Amazing toning, as nice as they come!
85556186025CPR65CA56514CAC, No CAC cams higher, toned, nice.
85557186125CPR65CA1218CAC, Tough date, Only 1 higher at CAC a 68. B and W Cameo
85558186225CPR65CA25212CAC, No cams higher at CAC, Original toning.
95559186325CPR65DC20214CAC, Pop 2 PCGS, None Higher. Rare to find toned DCAMS. Beautiful coin! Ha...
85560186425CPR65CA1041010CAC, Great toning, A few higher at CAC, sell me one!
95561186525CPR66DC3138CAC, Highest coin at CAC except for a lone 68. Best Contrast!
955651866 Motto25CPR65DC53513CAC, Great contrast.
85567186825CPR66CA2021CAC, Beautiful toning! PCGS 2 with none higher of any kind. I have the lone...
85568186925CPR66CA3031CAC, Highest cam at CAC. Good contrast, looking for a higher grade.
5569187025CPR671011CAC, Amazing! Pop 1
85570187125CPR67CA3030CAC, More than amazing!
5571187225CPR67+1010CAC BEAUTY
855721873 No Arrows25CPR67CA2222CAC, Pristine coin, hard to explain, beautiful different toning, a 10.
855741873 Arrows25CPR64CA1561523CAC, Nice toning and mirrors.
55751874 Arrows25CPR675052CAC, Amazing color. None higher.
95577187625CPR66DC5058CAC, Great Contrast! Have a 67 but this scores higher for now.
85578187725CPR67CA4040CAC, Scher. A 10. He had a geat eye.
95579187825CPR67DC1010NOT CAC Yes first time I have included a non CAC coin but this one is speci...
85580187925CPR67CA2020CAC, Pop 1 contrast great.
5581188025CPR6786822CAC, Scher. Another beauty.
95582188125CPR68DC1011CAC, Best, what can I say?
85584188325CPR68CA3131CAC Pop 1, Scher Gem!
85585188425CPR67CA9294CAC, Another Scher Gem!
85586188525CPR67CA102106CAC, Beauty but looking for a toned 68!
85587188625CPR67CA61612CAC, Toned A 10!
85588188725CPR67CA2121CAC, Another toned gem!
95589188825CPR67DC1013CAC. Pop 1, I have a 68 and an amazing 67CAM but this coin is nice and scor...
85590188925CPR66CA1061016CAC, Toned Gem!
95591189025CPR67DC4348CAC, Top mirrors. Gem!
85592189125CPR67+ CA2224CAC, A gem!
Wow! Thank you for the eye candy. Congratulations on all your hard work, I doubt anyone will beat this set.
Posted @ 11/20/2014 6:41 AM By heddrik