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Australian Proclamation Type Set, Circulation Strikes (1700-1826): Glastonbury Collection.

Glastonbury Collection. - 2nd

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Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 61.647
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Set Rating 48.744
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Glastonbury Collection.
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
1797 Cartwheel Penny Great Britain20222917971DMS62BN1239126110 leaves in wreath.
1787 Silver Shilling Great Britain6168001787ShilMS645092No hearts in Hanoverian Shield.
1787-1798 Gold Guinea Spade Reverse Great Britain6100301798GuineaMS6216303244George III Fifth type Laurette Bust. Spade reverse.
1700-1826 Silver Gulden Netherlands2736371763GuldenMS651032Gelderland Mint
1700-1826 Gold Ducat Netherlands4676691778DucatMS62203456Utrecht mint.
ND-19 Silver Rupee India -Bengal Presidency409057nd//19RupeeMS634545East India Company. Bengal Presidency 1793~1818. Calcutta Mint.
1740-1807 Gold Pagoda India348883(1740-07)PagodaMS631031East India Company. Fort St George Mint. Three Swami Variety.
1777-1826 Gold Mohur Indian408876AH1202//19MohurMS632175East India Company. Calcutta mint. c1793.
1722-1750 Gold 4 Escudos John V Portugal1740231747-R6400 RMS621213Third Reverse. Rio Mint.
1750-1776 Gold 4 Escudos Josephus I Portugal7670261756-B6400 RMS636769First Reverse. Bahia Mint.
1777-1786 Gold 4 Escudos Maria & Peter Portugal     
1786-1800 Gold 4 Escudos Veiled Head Maria Portugal     
1786-1805 Gold 4 Escudos Jeweled Head Maria Portugal6071211791-R6400 RMS631033Third type bust. Rio Mint.
1722-1750 Gold 8 Escudos Portugal4021801733-M12800 RAU583132Fifth reverse. Minas Gerais Mint
1700-1826 Silver 8 Reales Shield Spain7031701808-L JP8 RAU5836828Lima mint mark. Carolus IIII Bust. Post Proclamation.
1700-1826 Silver 8 Reales Bust Spain   8 R