Spencer Collection Australian Proclamation Set 1700-1826 - 6th

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Spencer Collection Australian Proclamation Set 1700-1826
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1797 Cartwheel Penny Great Britain20222917971DMS64BN2362327Great Britain, George III Copper Penny Dated 1797 and the First Ever Britis...
1787 Silver Shilling Great Britain  1787Shil 
1787-1798 Gold Guinea Spade Reverse Great Britain6100301798GuineaMS6215282641Great Britain, Gold Guinea, Fr-356, S-3729, KM-609, Geo III, Fifth Head to ...
1700-1826 Silver Gulden Netherlands   Gulden 
1700-1826 Gold Ducat Netherlands     
ND-19 Silver Rupee India -Bengal Presidency   Rupee 
1740-1807 Gold Pagoda India   Pagoda 
1777-1826 Gold Mohur Indian162280AH1202MohurAU5511220India, Gold Mohur, Bengal Presidency - British India Dated AH1202 (1787). P...
1722-1750 Gold 4 Escudos John V Portugal     
1750-1776 Gold 4 Escudos Josephus I Portugal   4 Esc 
1777-1786 Gold 4 Escudos Maria & Peter Portugal     
1786-1800 Gold 4 Escudos Veiled Head Maria Portugal     
1786-1805 Gold 4 Escudos Jeweled Head Maria Portugal     
1722-1750 Gold 8 Escudos Portugal     
1700-1826 Silver 8 Reales Shield Spain   8 R 
1700-1826 Silver 8 Reales Bust Spain   8 R