Spencer Collection Malaya and British Borneo 1953-1962 - 2nd

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Rank 2
Weighted GPA 68.000
Complete 2.38%
Set Rating 1.030
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Spencer Collection Malaya and British Borneo 1953-1962
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
  1956 1C1C 
  1957 1C1C 
  1958 1C1C 
  1961 1C1C 
  1962 1C1C 
4159621953 5C5C 
8682961957 5C5C 
  1957-H 5C5C 
8682991957-KN 5C5C 
8683001958 5C5C 
8683021958-H 5C5C 
8683031961 5C5C 
  1961-H 5C5C 
4185411961-KN 5C5C 
  1953 10C10C 
8683091956 10C10C 
  1957-H 10C10C 
8683111957-KN 10C10C 
4598051958 10C10C 
4598071960 10C10C 
4598091961 10C10C 
4177001961-H 10C10C 
4598121961-KN 10C10C 
4598131954 20C20C 
4598151956 20C20C 
4176991957-H 20C20CMS661010Malaya and British Borneo, 20 Cents Dated 1957-H, PCGS MS66, Finest.
4598181957-KN 20C20C 
4049301961 20C20C 
4598211961-H 20C20C 
4598221954 50C50C 
4598341954 50C w/o Security Edge50C 
4598241955-H 50C50C 
  1956 50C50C 
4598271957-H 50C50C 
4598281957-KN 50C50C 
4598351957-KN 50C w/o Security Edge50C 
4598301958-H 50C50C 
4598361958-H 50C w/o Security Edge50C 
4598311961 50C50C 
4598371961 50C w/o Security Edge50C 
4598331961-H 50C50C 
4598381961-H 50C w/o Security Edge50C